Social media posts influence over 50% youngsters in city

Social media posts influence over 50% youngsters in city

Both Majlis and BJP are waging a virtual battle online, aiming to influence young and first-time voters

Hyderabad: Even though a majority of young voters in Hyderabad focus on education, employment, peace and harmony in the city and state, they are influenced by the political posts on social media platforms. Many of them have no knowledge of elections, government, politics, political party candidates and their schemes, and skip voting. The ones who cast their votes do to the party their elders voted for.

With less than three weeks to go for the polls, the political environment in Hyderabad is heating up. The Majlis vs BJP tussle in Hyderabad has been taking place on social media platforms. Social media posts have great influence on youth, and more than 50 per cent of young voters in Hyderabad are influenced by such posts.

It has been observed that youngsters could not take decisions of their own during voting due to lack of in-depth political knowledge. However, Murtuza Mohsin, a BTech student residing in Hussaini Alam, said, “I vote for those who give better education prospects, provide employment and do not indulge in communal hatred”.

Another young voter, Nikitha Phulari, an architect, said, “As a youth, I anticipate increased and improved job prospects, with a primary focus on government institutions delivering high-quality education. This ensures that individuals who cannot afford private schooling are not left behind.” She said that she aspires for well-educated politicians to guide the nation, fostering communal harmony. When casting their votes, many young people prioritise the party leader over the constituency representative, says Nikitha.

Asif Hussain Sohail, a political analyst says, “The twin cities of Greater Hyderabad are divided into two parties, Majlis and BJP. And these two parties have a winnability factor in their respective constituencies. In Hyderabad, there is no strong opposition, with BRS placing a dummy candidate and the BJP candidate is a political tourist. BJP is playing a political circus and entertaining people in their canvassing. And Congress has no major leader against MIM’s Asad.”

Asif said that in a recent survey conducted by his team, he found that the young generation, regardless of caste or religion, wants peace in their city and gave importance on their future. After their graduation or post-graduation, they focus on migrating to other countries for better prospects. “They have been forced to take such decisions due to the lack of employment, and by incidents of communal hatred. They seem least bothered by elections, political parties and government, and their only goal is to go abroad,” he added.

Meanwhile, another section of youngsters does not have any knowledge on politics and no personal opinion on selecting a party or a candidate. They just vote for whomever their elders voted, with many skipping to exercise their franchise altogether, says Asif Hussain.

Sayed Safder Ali Moosvi of the Forum for Old City Youth, who has been lamenting about the state of affairs in Hyderabad constituency, said that in Hyderabad, there are no alternative options. “However, there is a fear factor of BJP here. They are ready to live as it is with underdevelopment, but do not vote for any other party,” he says.

Ali Moosvis added, “In Old City, people do not know the candidates for BRS and Congress parties. They only know about candidates of Majlis and BJP, which are both famous on social


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