An auto stand with a difference

Sudarshan auto stand union president I S Khaja handing over the fixed deposit form to Reddy Harshita who lost both her parents (file photo)

Sudarshan auto stand union president I S Khaja handing over the fixed deposit form to Reddy Harshita who lost both her parents (file photo)


  • Sudarshan Auto Stand at Tirupati railway station leads in taking up welfare and awareness activities
  • Members of the auto stand help police in organising awareness programmes against drunk and drive, drug abuse and educational campaign on traffic rules

Tirupati: The auto stand at Tirupati railway station is entirely different, in the sense it leads in taking up both welfare and awareness activities unlike other auto stands in the city.

Normally the auto stand for a sustained number of autos allows for parking and operates from there, led by a group of leaders confined to protecting the interest of the auto drivers but the railway station auto stand ‘Sudarshan Auto Stand’ expanded its activities taking up many welfare and awareness programmes. This includes spreading awareness among drivers against drunk and drive, organising national festivals and also providing financial help to the needy auto drivers and also others.

Speaking to The Hans India, Sudarshan Auto Stand president I S Khaja said they regularly celebrate Republic Day and Independence Day to instill national spirit among the driver attached to railway station stand. One of their noteworthy programmes was a group of auto drivers went in specially-made auto to New Delhi to participate in the 75th Independence day celebrations. “En route we met fellow auto drivers in the towns and cities and addressed them urging them to promote patriotism, respecting law and also not to resort to fleecing passengers so that they could win respect of the society,” Khaja saud. Recognising the Sudarshan auto drivers laudable initiative in promoting patriotism and their efforts to turn auto-drivers into conscious citizens the then Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu invited them to personally appreciate their good works during their visit to New Delhi.

Specially made auto for the 75th Independence Day celebrations. The union leaders attended the celebrations in New Delhi (file photo)

Khaja further said, ”We are also extending our support to the police in conducting awareness programmes on traffic rules, against drug abuse and providing financial support to auto-drivers in a limited way at the time of any medical emergencies like accidents, ailments and also education purposes which benefited a few auto drivers in the last 10 years.” In this connection he said that Sudarshan auto stand drivers supported Reddy Harshitha who lost both her parents in an accident. She is the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver Siddaiah who is not a member of the railway station auto stand. Even then they extended help to her. To help Reddy Harshita, every auto driver contributed Rs 10 and a total assistance of Rs 1,07,000 was deposited in a fixed deposit for a period of 10 years in her name. By 2024, she got Rs 2,70,000. Another auto driver Kondanna said, “I am very proud to be a member of the Sudarshan auto stand as I was involved in many social welfare activities benefitting society and also needy.”

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