12-yr-old uses her savings to send migrants home by air

Niharika Dwivedi
Niharika Dwivedi

Normal life has been hit by the outbreak of coronavirus

Noida : Normal life has been hit by the outbreak of coronavirus. But some people are still helping out others in this hour of crisis.

One such good samaritan is a teenage girl from Noida who sent a labourer family from Jharkhand home by air using her money from her 'gullak' (money box).

Niharika Dwivedi is just 12 years old. She now wants to spend the remaining Rs 17,000 of her 'gullak' money on the needy. She lives in Noida Sector-50, and is a student of class VII. Niharika told IANS, "I was watching the news in lockdown.

Everywhere it was about migrants. I remembered one thing about my grandmother. My grandmother says that if someone wants to know about emotion, then look into their eyes, you will know their suffering."

Niharika said, "The migrant workers have done a lot to develop our society, now we should help them when they are in need. I talked to my parents about this and they supported me.

Then we contacted an NGO and after a few calls, I came to know about a family in Jharkhand, including a husband and wife, who were living in a shelter home in Delhi and wanted to return home."

Three members of this family of Jharkhand, Pyari Kol, his wife Shushila and daughter Kajal lived in Noida and worked as laborers.

Pyari Kol was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment. All three were unemployed due to the lockdown. Somehow they reached Delhi, but could not find any further means.

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