Hyderabadis travel mostly for business

Hyderabadis travel mostly for business

More than 50 per cent of airline passengers from Hyderabad travel for business/official purpose, revealed a survey. 

More than 50 per cent of airline passengers from Hyderabad travel for business/official purpose, revealed a survey. At 53 per cent, this number is much higher compared to Mumbai and Trivandrum, two other cities covered by the survey, which showed 28 per cent and 25 per cent of travellers from Mumbai and Trivandrum, respectively.

The survey to understand habits and attitudes of air travellers was conducted by Leadcap Ventures and commissioned by Emirates airline. It covered 1,100 travellers in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Trivandrum. Fifty per cent of the air travellers from Mumbai are on leisure/vacation. Majority of travellers (34 per cent) from Trivandrum also fall into this category.

Majority of international passengers travelled for official visit while domestic passengers travelled for personal visit. The survey also revealed that more than three-fourth passengers travelled by economy class. Majority of passengers travelling by first/business class were travelling for official purpose.

While majority of the travellers from Mumbai and Trivandrum head straight to work, 53 per cent of travellers from Hyderabad check into a hotel first.
An interesting finding of the survey is that Mumbai airline passengers travel with heaviest baggage. One-third of the overall respondents preferred to travel light with basic essentials, while one-fourth respondents from Mumbai exceeded baggage limits regularly.

The survey showed that official travellers prefer spending time catching up on sleep before boarding the flight. However, once on the flight they like spending time reading and listening to music.

Shopping is important
Personal travellers on the other hand spend time shopping prior to boarding. Another key trend observed on flight activities of airline travellers was that the top three in flight activities carried by respondents were sleeping, watching movies and reading.

While 34 per cent respondents from Mumbai preferred to kill time by reading, majority of respondents from Hyderabad like to sleep in flight, while travelling to international destinations. Books and gadgets stood out as the top two things preferred to be carried in long haul flights.

While 40 per cent of travellers from Mumbai preferred to carry books, travellers from Hyderabad preferred to carry gadgets and grooming kits.
Local cultural items and local confectionery were the top two souvenirs carried by travellers on their return journey.

One-third of the official travellers carried local confectionary products while one-third personal travellers carried local cultural items as souvenirs. The trend of booking in advance continues be on the rise with 40 per cent travellers claiming to book tickets a month prior to their travel date.

Travel agency was recorded as the main point of booking over airline websites and apps. Almost two-third respondents surveyed prefer travel agency to book their air tickets while one third use airline website. One-fourth respondents surveyed, prefer booking via mobile app of the airline.

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