Women preparing  Goti Talambralu
Women preparing Goti Talambralu

-    A group of 700 devotees from Chirala are tasked with preparing talambralu
-    They prepared one crore grains of talambralu, roughly weighing up to 440 kilograms

Chirala: The celestial wedding at Bhadrachalam attracts devotees from both Telugu states, who would travel miles to a glimpse of the bride and groom, Sitamma and Ramachandra Swamy. It is considered to be fortunate to become part of the wedding works and providing the Goti Talambralu for the marriage is such humble service and a group of devotees from Chirala in Prakasam district are selected for the task.

Goti Talambralu are made with the rice, whose husk was removed with the nails and mixed with the turmeric powder processed with hands. Natural pearls and scents will also be added to the rice to give a good aroma. 

The Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy temple at Bhadrachalam is encouraging the devotees to offer the Goti Talambralu, as an obeisance and service to the god almighty. There are very few groups of devotees from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, who take preparation of the Goti Talambralu as a tradition and are continuing it every year. 

The Sri Raghurama Bhakta Sevasamiti is a voluntary organisation in Chirala and works for the spiritual elevation of the people. Since 2011, the organisation members are preparing one crore grains of talambralu, roughly weighing up to 440 kilograms with ardent devotion. In Chirala, they started removing the husk of the paddy in October, which is completed. Pothuri Balakesavulu, organiser of the Sri Raghurama Bhakta Sevasamiti said, “We have completed the preparation of the Goti Talambralu and the coconuts for use in the celestial wedding at the Bhadrachalam. After conducting the nagar sankeerthana in Chirala, the talambralu will reach the Sitaramachandra Swamy temple.”

About 700 women in the town have spared time and participated in the preparation of the talambralu. Y Sarada, a devotee said, “As the members of the seva samiti, we are lucky to participate in the preparations of the wedding of celestial couple. We do the work by chanting Lord Rama’s name and singing songs praising him.”