It could be one of the four concept cars that Tata Motors had recently revealed in a teaser video

Tata's Third Concept Car After H5X, 45X To Be Showcased At Geneva Motor Show 2018



Tata Motors has dropped the first ever teaser of a brand new concept car for the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, which will be held next month. It will be the homegrown automaker’s 20th appearance at Geneva since the spree began in 1998 with the showcase of the humble Indica. Here’s what the new concept could be.

The new concept: a sedan or yet another SUV?

Tata Motors showcased the H5X SUV and 45X hatchback concepts to the world for the first time at the recently concluded Delhi Auto Expo 2018. While the SUV is based on a Land Rover derived platform, OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced), the hatchback is underpinned by Tata’s brand new modular platform, ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced). Both the concepts also debuted Tata’s new Impact 2.0 design language.

Tata H5X concept

The teaser image of the concept in question reveals too little, leaving a lot of room for speculation. Now, the new concept could be a bigger SUV based on the same OMEGA platform or it could be a coupe crossover as well. Alternatively, it could also be a sedan or a compact SUV based on the ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) platform. All of these derivatives were recently teased in an official video featuring the H5X and the 45X, during the Expo. Read about the four new concept cars here.

Two cars at the rear are based on 45X concept

Two cars at the rear are based on H5X

Given that the H5X and the 45X were among the best looking vehicles at the Auto Expo 2018, it would safe to assume that the concept in question, teased in a shade of blue, will be a looker too.  

Tata 45X concept

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Besides this new concept, Tata could also showcase the RaceMo +-, the fully electric version of the RaceMo sports car, along with the H5X SUV and the 45X concepts.