Biggest Dilemma or concern for any director while penning a story down is that, which big star can pull it off on silver screen. However, the star cast of ‘Game Paisa Ladki’ is against the conventional stream.

Film’s director Sachin Agarwal, making a bold and strong decision, aimed for artists and not stars. However not everyone in the film is unknown.

Zakir Hussain for instance is a legendary and seasoned actor, who proved his acting skills in “Johnny Gaddar”, “Sarkar” and many more. Sachin thinks that his performance in ‘Game Paisa Ladki’ is among his finest works.
Sachin said, “Zakir will be seen in a never before intense, dark and grey character in this movie, something which he hasn’t attempted before. He is essaying the role of psycho lover who goes a bit out of control. He will surely leave the audience asking for more.”
His intense eyes, real expressions will definitely draw the audience into the film.
Leaving the Clichéd hero- heroine romance, movies donned a whole new song concept. “A surprise package in the film will be a song where the hero and the villain will together romance the heroine. And of course, Zakir will be one of them.” Quotes Sachin.
He wanted to keep the suspense alive, so he didn’t reveal if Zakir is the hero or villain of the film. Let’s wait for it when the film hits the theatres.
Game Paisa Ladki features Zakir Hussain, Sezal Sharma, Ranjeet, Sitaram Panchal among others.
The film is directed by Sachin Agarwal, to be produced by Atul Patel and Sajan Agarwal under the banner Modern Movie Pvt. Ltd.
The film is slated to hit the screens in April 2015.