As predictable as a highway

As predictable as a highway

For this Friday’s feudal lords we have the calm and the gamble boy Dora Babu (Murali Sharma) and his little brother Krishna (Ajay) heading that large...

For this Friday’s feudal lords we have the calm and the gamble boy Dora Babu (Murali Sharma) and his little brother Krishna (Ajay) heading that large family of numerous members, including the in-house entertainer. The brothers are like Ram and Lakshman and the latter with the reputed temper. He beats up people in silence and returns to grin at wedding pictures of the family. The lady members in the family are either getting married, or attempting to run away like Gayatri (Dhanya Balakrishna) or pathologically fixated about getting married Savithri (Nanditha).

Enter hero Rishi (Nara Rohith) who is a hit at will guy with chubby cheeks and toned muscle. At the big Indian family, there are talks of having sis in waiting Savithri married, now that Gayatri is married, to an unnamed local guy. She is thrilled and is on a rail trip to Shirdi with grandma (Ramaprabha). Having aborted her sister Gayatri’s plans to run away from the shaadi ka mandap, she also negates the plan of another co-traveller couple on the run (Madhunandan and Srimukhi).

The goons are chasing the couple on the run who get into the train and find support from none else than Rishi who has not had exercise for a while with his muscles. Now time for boy to meet girl and fall in love. As ever so often, Savithri is not interested initially and nearly for a good length of the bad film. There are villains stalking the gal too: Ravi Babu who had planned to marry the elder lady of the family and having failed has his eyes set on Savithri.

In part it turns out to be a road film with people on the run and the usual chase where the villains are fools and the hero the unnamed genius with brawl, brain, dancing legs and lovely sense of music. The script also gives scope for needless characters as comedians to walk in and out. Prabhas Srinu, Shakalaka Shankar, Jeeva and as the last straw on the camel’s back we have Vennela Kishore.

The film just does not take off. It is so full of clichés and predictable turns that it is as predictable as a highway. In a film of this kind the one-liners and the smart moves help. The director eschews even this escape route. None in the cast inspire. It is only the chubby Rohith who takes things seriously. With a first name to guard and a future to work towards he has a script woven around him. This is a web that seals his fate as it does with the audience.

Cast: Nara Rohith, Nanditha, Dhanya Balakrishna and Ajay
Direction: Pavan Sadineni
Genre: Romance-drama
Thumps Up: Nara Rohith – may be
Thumps Down: The script and its handling
Rating: 1.5

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