The making of a dream girl

The making of a dream girl

Surbhi Chandna shot to fame with the hit show ‘Ishqbaaaz’, is now touted as number 1 female actor in the TV industry. Surbhi is an MBA graduate with Marketing as her majors. Post-MBA she worked and as part of her job she has travelled the world extensively. 

Surbhi Chandna shot to fame with the hit show ‘Ishqbaaaz’, is now touted as number 1 female actor in the TV industry. Surbhi is an MBA graduate with Marketing as her majors. Post-MBA she worked and as part of her job she has travelled the world extensively.

The petite lass states that she never imagined that she would choose acting as her profession and says that it was her parents who encouraged her to be an actor. She debuted on the small screen with the show ‘Qubool Hai’ and is not looking back since

How does it feel to rule the TRPs?
It’s a great feeling. Touchwood! My first show started off with a lot of struggle and when it reached to this level, it feels amazing.

It’s like you have a baby and you see it grow into a successful person. I have been part of the entire journey from the beginning and we were so raw when it started. At that time we had multiple mock shoots, lock tests and then came the pilot. From a year we are into this show and our hard work is paying off and it is reflecting through our TRPs.

From fearless and confident Annika to being timid girl currently, don’t you think your character strayed from the main plot?
Annika has a lot of shades. It’s an amazing role to play. I feel privileged as an actor to masquerade many variations currently. She is a vigorous girl. When she has to take a stand she will. But there is soft side too.

Although she never expressed feelings to the man she loves so much and those things broke her to the core, so it is obvious that she was shattered and became vulnerable. Honestly, a person cannot be always strong; there will be a breakpoint for everyone. She is pure and honest and she will bounce back soon.

Did Annika change after her marriage with Shivaay?
Yes, there is a lot of difference (laughs). She has never been a part of a huge family. She is an orphan and her brother is her world. All of sudden she is married to her employer. Her self-respect is always important for her. But now, as she is married, she thinks before she speaks. Her equation with his family is totally changed.

Why did you say yes to the role of Annika?
To be honest, my only reason to do the show is Gul Khan’s 4 Lion Production because I did my first show with her. And I knew the kind of shows she makes. She always has the confidence in me that I could pull off Annika’s role very well.

Will we see Annika ruling over Shivaay?
Yeah, she will (laughs). Both Shivaay and Annika are very strong personalities. Although the marriage was a forced one but it’s not like that Shivaay will rule her. When she gets a chance she will take over him. And he does the same. Frankly, both Annika and Shivaay balance each other’s flaws. They fill those idiosyncrasies with their anger, love and what not.

How is your onscreen chemistry with Nakuul?
Nakuul is an extremely sweet person to work with. He is very warm. Initially, I was not sure how he would be? Nakuul has more experience than me in the industry but still he is so grounded. He always helps and guides me. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star.

Would you say that you are in the best phase of your career?
I would love to feel so. I’m in serene space as of now. I’m getting to play many emotions as Annika. Getting to live another life altogether. Sometimes I do grumble about not having a personal life. Even being Surbhi, I feel how Annika thinks if she faces a certain problem in her life. But that’s not really important as of now. I’m in a phase, where people are acknowledging my work. I am in love with my role.

Currently, you are touted as the no.1 actor, so how’re you enjoying the stardom?
I too heard about this, but it is just momentary happiness; it will be here for now then it will fade, so I don’t go home thinking about it. My total focus would be on the next day shoot. I want to be known as a good actor than being number 1. However, if I’m No.1 it is a great achievement, but I don’t want it to get in my head. For me, ‘Ishqbaaaz’ is the only priority as of now. I cannot think beyond Annika. But yes these things do motivate me to work harder.

Nakuul once told us that Indian television is dominated by female actors. How true is that?
It is not entirely true. ‘Ishqbaaaz’ from the day one was promoted as a story and journey of three brothers. It has set an example too. The show discusses contemporary issues. Yes, there are shows, which are dominated by female actors. But this show is not. And I think everyone getting their own space in the show. We all waited for the show equally.

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