Jhanvi Kapoor Opens Up On Sridevi's Demise
Jhanvi Kapoor Opens Up On Sridevi's Demise

Late Bollywood actress Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor took to Instagram to reveal her feelings. She broke the silence that she is maintaining from the past few days. She shared an emotional letter with everyone where she recollected her memories with mother.

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"There's a gnawing hollowness in my chest that I know I'll have to learn how to live with. Even with all this emptiness, I staffed your love. I feel you protecting me from sadness and pain. Every time I close my eyes, I only have good things to remember. I know it's you doing that. You were a blessing in all our lives, we were blessed to have had you for as long as we did. But, you weren't meant for this world. You were too good, too pure, too full of love. That's why he took you back. 

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But at least we had you. My friends always said I'm perpetually happy, and now I realize it was because of you. Nothing anyone said mattered, no problem was big enough, and no day could ever be dull because I had you. And you loved me. And I didn't have to rely on anyone or anything because the only person I ever needed was you. You are a part of my soul. My best friend. My reason for everything. Your whole life you kept giving, and all I wanted was to do that for you too, Mumma. 

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I want to make you so proud. Every morning, all that I would do was with the hope that one day you'd be as proud of me as I was of you. But I promise I'll wake up every day still with that same thought. Because you're here and I can feel you. You're in me, Khushi and in Papa. The imprint you've left on us is so strong, it might just be enough to keep us going, but never enough to be fully whole. I love you, my everything.” wrote Jhanvi Kapoor in her letter.

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