Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner : Kaushal
Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner : Kaushal

Victory has not come easy for Kaushal. It was a tough and arduous journey for him in the Bigg Boss Season 2. From Day 1, he worked hard and played smart. When his name was announced as winner, Kaushal was overcome with emotion and became teary eyed. Kaushal Army, which was his mainstay, took out a big rally from Annapurna Studio. Speaking after this rally, he made sensational comments about his housemates.

He said that except Shyamala, everyone targeted him. He said that Babu Gogineni had vowed to get him eliminated. “But, I nominated him. However, it was the Kaushal Army which ensured that he was eliminated,” he told his fans. “I never considered Taneesh has my rival. He was busy pampering Deepthi Sunaina and that helped me,” he said.

He said he first came to know about Kaushal Army only when Pooja Ramachandran told him. She was all praise for the Army and this helped in building Kaushal’s confidence. He said after knowing about the Kaushal Army, Geetha Madhuri has begun targeting me. “This made me stronger and sharper,” he said.  

He also made some funny comments on Geetha Madhuri. “She is Geetha Madhuri when she sings, but is Geetha Bhaduri when she acts,,” he said.

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