Trumpocalypse Now

Trumpocalypse Now

Finally, the day has come. Donald Trump assumes charge as 45th President of the United States.  Perhaps never in the past, the American Presidency was so debated, so feared, and so frenzied. 

Finally, the day has come. Donald Trump assumes charge as 45th President of the United States. Perhaps never in the past, the American Presidency was so debated, so feared, and so frenzied.

The apocalyptic Trump shakes and moves not just the US but the entire world is perplexed and bewildered over the consequences of the unchartered territory Trump Presidency may traverse.

Trump likens American intelligence agencies to Germany’s Nazi regime. He decried the mainstream media by expressing his deepest aversion to it. He calls CNN a pedlar of fake news. The land of first amendment finds this pantomime unpalatable.

Trump’s fulminating has a terrible pattern. His angry outbursts on anyone and everyone surprise both his supporters and rivals alike. He assailed judges, generals and environmental regulators besides intelligence agencies. He stylised himself in stirring conflict. Perhaps, this may be his branding strategy.

He promises to build a wall along America’s border with Mexico and bill the cost for the latter.
Trump may dismantle Obama care. He chose racists, corporate cronies etc., for the top cabinet posts. Trump’s foreign policy too is equally curious.

His relations with Russian leadership are enigmatic and outlandish. Appointing people with conflicting positions to man the foreign policy establishment is really puzzling. Following in the footprints of his predecessors, he is belligerent on China. But, Trumps’ fondness for Russia is nosy.

Calling himself less protectionist, yet he feverishly champions American interests at the cost of just and equitable world economic order. Like any other President of Untied States, Trump too shuns terrorism.

He too calls nations that oppose American strategic interests as ‘rogue states.’The assertive nationalism demonstrated by Trump is a mask to justify hegemony. Thus his chauvinist, ultra nationalist and far right policies would inevitably hurt the interests of global South.

But, this will not be uncharacteristic as Uncle Sam was always like that. Nothing wrong in making America great. But, every nation would like to do so. Trump’s policies should not undermine others.

Trump’s loyalists may camouflage this policy as the doctrine of Peace through Strength. But, for the Weak and the Vulnerable who had enough with arm twisting by the sole super power, Trump’s Presidency is certainly scary.

Trump avows to deport millions of illegal immigrants. He promises to tear apart the free trade agreements America has with North American neighbours. He believes in erecting impregnable protectionist walls that has a huge potential to vitiate global free trade.

But still there is hope. As someone who closely followed American politics once said, every US President, like any other politician, is populist during poll campaign and turns pragmatic and conciliatory like a CEO once assumes office.

The ominous campaigns, the threat of economic wars, the alarming xenophobia etc., may remain a political filibuster. But, as of now it remains a Hollywood suspense thriller. Still the world has no choice. It has to pass through the Trumpocalypse.

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