The consummate ‘strike but not wound’ strategy of TDP has paid well. The BJP-led NDA government has set about mollifying its ally which is smarting following abject denial of any funds to AP in the Union Budget. Rajnath Singh, Jaitley, Piyush Goyal have positively responded to undo the injustice done to AP. They sought to justify papering over AP concerns was only because they are seized of working out a formula to pass on funds under the Special Package. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a patient hearing to the cries of TDP MPs in Parliament. 

His intervention is palpable as can seen from active response of the FM to hold a meeting with AP Finance Secretary. Interestingly, a very good tiding for AP State is announcement of the Railway Minster that a separate zone is under active consideration and that talks are on with neighbouring states of AP. Yet, it would be in the fitness of things to say that AP must persist with its tenacity to wangle funds from the Centre, despite latter’s compulsions if any, in view of eight state assembly elections this year.

Be that as it may, some politics and intellectuals have been insisting that TDP severe ties with the BJP. Every act of theirs and every speech is intended only at gaining some cheap political mileage. A young leader aspiring to become the CM and wishes to stay in that post for 25 years says had TDP had adopted a tough stand against the Centre, it would have benefited the State. He should know State’s helplessness and dependency on the Centre to push development as well as dangers of estranging the Centre. 

This imperative is more so as he vows to turn AP into Rajanna Rajyam and is busy announcing various sops without taking into account funds constraints of the State. Going soft on BJP – for obvious reasons –  he lashes out at Naidu, saying TDP Ministers are in the Union Cabinet that cleared the Budget. What a joke! Cabinet does not know the contents till it is placed before them for statutory approval. Yes, some amendments can be made, but only during or after Budget debate. A person aspiring to be CM should display greater seriousness and maturity and avoid self-goal in politics. Meanwhile, the latest entrant into politics says he will take a stand only after understanding the issues. 

As for the TDP-BJP claim that they are following alliance dharma, they should bear in mind that what is essentially required is following Rajyanga (Constitutional) dharma more than alliance dharma. They can’t shrug off responsibility of realising promises made in the Re-organisation Act and grounding the Special Package. The BJP too came down only after Akali Dal and Shiv Sena joined chorus with the TDP.

Naidu knows he can’t break up with Modi, both for political ends and in State’s interests. Yet, he deftly applied heat on the Centre to make it ease its stance. His preference for negotiations all the while and patience did the trick. "In politics, there is always a tomorrow. If not, there is the day after tomorrow."

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