Francis Kong: World can't improve without teachers

Francis Kong: World cant improve without teachers

Francis Kong: World can't improve without teachers, Francis Kong, world of business, teachers. Taking time out from his otherwise very busy schedule, Francis shared his views with us and replied to all the queries, something which his followers would love to read.

“The Early Bird Catches the Worm, but the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese”- confusing as it may appear, but Francis Kong can explain how it is actually feasible in real life.

A globally acknowledged motivational speaker, writer, columnist and blogger,Francis has shared his motivational ideas about life with millions of listeners and readers from across the world. He is also a founding member and Director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy in the Philippines.

Inspiration does not come easy especially in today’s world, where “money” rules the roost. Here is a man from the “world of business,” who is out on a mission to enlighten and transport all to a much better world, which resides on this very Earth, with his wise talks dipped in comforting humor.

Taking time out from his otherwise very busy schedule, Francis shared his views with us and replied to all the queries, something which his followers would love to read.

Below is the interview.

Q1. You call yourself to be in a ‘transportation’ business. What is it all about?

I would love to transport people from where they are to where they could be tapping into their hidden potentials; making them discover their own gifts and talents and using them to the max.

Q2. Your transformation to a full time motivational speaker, writer, columnist and much more is just a 7 to 8 year-old-story.Before that you were a first generation entrepreneur(for about two decades). Is it correct? If yes, what prompted you to go ahead with the choice?

Earning money is a good thing. But speaking and sharing ideas while learning and studying hard so I can share more ideas is fulfilling. I still am in business but now I make speaking a business being a corporate trainer and a business consultant.

Q3. Great saints and philosophers in India and other parts of the world have always maintained that motivating or inspiring a common man is a tough task for a mere “human being.” What do you say?

Partly true because speakers and trainers and teachers like me can only teach; we cannot make people learn. But then without teachers how could this world improve and change. Therefore, the best teachers are those who inspire others to begin the change process.

Q4. Have you always been a firm believer in God? What do you mean when you say, “You can’t hide from God by missing church. You actually grow cold if you do”?

I am a serious follower of Jesus Christ. I study His Works and His Word and going to church feed me with more understanding of His Word. Jesus said, "Man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." I therefore feed on God's Word and that food provides me with the heat and energy to live better and follow Jesus better. Thus, being away from church would make one grow cold without food and feeding.

Q5. People talk about your literary works which include your blog, talks and books carrying humor along with inspiring quotes. Being a cheerful person yourself, do you think humor is the best way to pass on a message to the other side?

Humor is powerful and when the audience laughs it means there is trust and there is openness. But humor should not be dispensed at the price of learning and should never be insulting to others. Humor builds interest because God created men and women to enjoy a good laugh.

Q6. What do you want to achieve in your life and the mission (inspiring and motivating people)? Have you accomplished what you have set out for on day one of your mission?

I just want my life to be used up fulfilling God's will and sharing God's love to as many people as possible. Have I accomplished? Can't answer that but I can rather answer: “(I) am accomplishing bit by bit as God's Grace sustains me.”

Q7. How have your motivational speeches helped the poorest section of society? How do you reach out to the class that is devoid of money and literacy?

I have given talks to the masses and I have never charged money nor collected honorarium. But these are the rare exceptions. My specific audiences are the decisions makers and the leaders. Good leaders affect every one down to the masses so that is my primary target.

Q8. Could you recollect a funny moment that occurred during any of your talks in the Philippines or abroad?

This is a classic. I once delivered a very moving speech. My audiences were made up of physicians. Just when I was about to end, just when I was about to deliver the last sentence and I could see some tears falling down the eyes of some of the doctors, we all heard a loud snore coming from the back of the stage. A tired technician slept and an open microphone was right in front of him. That gave everybody a great laugh and I led the laughter myself.

Q9. What makes you appear half your age (some people reallywanted to know this, too)? Is calling you a “Fashionista” Motivational Speaker right, knowing your love for fashion?

I honestly do not know but I enjoy the life that God has given me, love my family and enjoy them and experience fulfillment in what I do. Have learned to laugh at life and endure the most difficult moments and of course... some moisturizing creams on my dry face helps too.... :)

Q10. Do you have a message for our readers?

Invest every moment in learning. Seek personal growth. When you grow your whole world opens up for you. Love God and love your neighbors and every single commandment falls into place.

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