Get adventurous!

Get adventurous!

City youth has found a new passion in hiking, trekking and rock climbing. Many students and corporate employees are taking a break from the same old...

City youth has found a new passion in hiking, trekking and rock climbing. Many students and corporate employees are taking a break from the same old mundane routine of rushing to work, slogging for 6 -8 endless hours, burying their heads in files or yawning in front of the computer screen and cursing their fate for being caught in a dull cycle of life. They are keen to explore nature in and around the city by going on hikes and treks every weekend; this gives the much needed zing to their otherwise boring lives.

Hiking or trekking is one way to remain physically and mentally fit. Trekking is normally associated as an arduous task trudging on some hard and uneven ground, climbing and walking amidst hostile environment with bare shelter, food and clothing essentials. It makes an individual fresh, rejuvenated and much happier than before. The feeling can be experienced only after indulging in the fun filled activity.

Hiking refers to shorter routes and plain walks. These are simple and controlled environmental version of trek. Trekking applies to more rigorous walking along different terrains and altitudes. Although these activities leads one into unknown territories and gets the environment challenging and physically uncomfortable, it still remains safe when the guide is experienced. Regular trekking can build a lot of stamina which is needed in daily life; it strengthens the leg muscles and is beneficial for health as one is exposed to clean air.

As an old saying goes, "Healthy mind in healthy body", so when you stay physically fit by indulging in this healthy hobby of trekking, it’s bound to have a positive effect on the mind. Regular trekking is the apt stress buster in normal strenuous life.

Hyderabad rests on the Deccan plateau and is thus a paradise for adventure seekers, rock climbers and trekkers. It is blessed with natural rock formations; the city landscape is strewn with such rocks, even amidst the hustle bustle of the city. There are many suitable areas in Hyderabad for trekking like Hyderabad City Limits (0-30 kms), Durgam Cheruvu, Gunrock Hill Trek, Maulali Hills, Koe - Iman Zamin Ammugudda, Golconda Fort, Peeran Cheruvu, Koe Khayam , Machleshwar, Khajaguda hill, etc. The availability of the suitable rocky environment has made way for quite a few trekking clubs in the city.

Clubs like GHAC (Great Hyderabad Adventure Club) are encouraging all sections of the society to trek by organising training camps and events every weekend. Weekend treks are conducted in the outskirts of the city at 6 am and is completed by 10 am. GHAC also plan treks for different places in India, for which they start planning 2-3 months in advance. Kid camps are also picking up, since child development is not complete without nature and adventure. Both nature and adventure play a significant role in development of children into confident and courageous youth of tomorrow.

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