Where do you see yourself in next three years?

Where do you see yourself in next three years?

In most of the interviews, the hiring manager/HR/recruiter asks this question. Though it-'s a regular question in all the interviews, the answer...

In most of the interviews, the hiring manager/HR/recruiter asks this question. Though it's a regular question in all the interviews, the answer can't be the same for everyone...Some recruiters will ask even for 5 years too.

Many aspirants dislike this question...The main intention of asking this question is to understand whether the aspirant has clear goals at least for the next one/two/three years from now. It also gives an idea to the organisation if the candidate’s goals are in line with that of institution and whether a candidate is looking for a career rather than just a job.

Instead of giving a vague/generic answer, it's always better to give specific, thoughtful and a clear answer.

Some of the vague/generic answers are:

  • I would like to see myself in a good position.
  • I would like to become a team leader or manager.
  • I would like to find the joy and love the job which I do
  • I want to see myself in your place (pointing to a manager)

Many prefer to say such generic answers because they do not know what kind of role the company going to provide them. If you know their requirement, then it's your turn to prepare and answer.

In order to succeed here, plan your career and find out your future plans and design a career road map before you attend an interview. Better not talk about your second income plans, because every employer expects you to focus on the job assigned.

Here are few tips to face such challenges and win the job during the interview:

  • Do not mention vague statements like you will become Director/CEO as soon as possible.
  • Explain your thought process and share your ideas
  • Be specific but flexible: You may think that giving a generic answer may save you instead of being specific.
  • Talk professionally and not personally
  • Showcase your skills and aspirations in such a way that they align with the organisation’s goals
  • Make them understand that you’re loyal and willing to make a commitment for at least two years. Any employee can stay for a longer period as long both employer and employee happy with that association.
  • Do not bring up the monetary aspect immediately. Instead, your answer should focus on your professional development. Speak in terms of skills you'd like to acquire or ones you'd like to be using, or responsibilities you'd like to have.
  • You can mention like "I'd like to have more responsibility in the next three to five years, ideally I'd be working on some of the company's fantastic high profile accounts."
  • Emphasise the value you can bring in to that position... this is where many aspirants have an advantage to impress the interviewer.

Also it depends on where the company would be in next 2/3 years. So, you can also ask the interviewer company's future expansion plans. Then it gives a scope for you to answer in a better way... But you need to prepare in advance so that you can answer instantly according to their future plans. The best way to impress the recruiter is understand their business, and department or company's plans thoroughly before you attend any interview.

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