Networking can be a major boost to your career

Networking can be a major boost to your career

Networking is now-a-days treated as a necessary skill either to land in new jobs or for career advancement. It’s no more optional and has become a...

Networking is now-a-days treated as a necessary skill either to land in new jobs or for career advancement. It’s no more optional and has become a crucial skill to master. In daily life, it enables one connect with professionals from different walks of life.

But networking isn't about the quantity of contacts you make; it's about the quality of relationships that help. With no time to wait, start building your network right away.

Follow these tips to have a good networking for your career growth:

  • Introduce yourself short and crisp when you meet a person for the first time. You can share more details if he/she is interested in knowing.
  • Do not use mobiles/tablets like texting/calling when you’re discussing something with another person, especially during the first meet. These often irritate them. Learn to listen, attentively.
  • Do not wait for the crisis moment to ask for help. Lot of people tries to build network when there’s a crisis situation or urgency. You better start even when you do not need any of their support.
  • Don’t ask for a job in the first meet. Generally none prefers to help a stranger. If you have no other option, then ask for an advice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’ve any. Make sure you’re polite.
  • It’s not just about exchanging business cards. Invest your time to build good relationship.
  • Make it as a habit or part of your lifestyle.
  • It’s not just about taking, think of giving as well. Understand other’s needs and tell them how you can help solve their problem. Do not ignore once you commit. This is a bad habit and many loose relations just because of this.
  • Greet them on their birthdays/anniversaries and also try to spend some time especially when they lost someone or are in crisis situation. Time is more than money and can’t be compared with anything else.
  • Trust is most important in building relationships. Gain trust and learn to trust others also.
  • Many events/meetings/workshops happen across the world. For example join groups like where you can connect to right/likeminded people.
  • Attend meetings which you feel are relevant to your aspirations; get their contact details and social media links as well. Once you come back home, connect to them through social media and send them thanking email/message, so that they will remember you.
  • Don't waste your time by pursuing the people who can't be of any help to you.
  • Join Social Media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Blogs, etc. Also join in groups and then start posting relevant content or commenting to other posts in a diplomatic way. Be away from controversial discussions, do not hurt others. Like this, you can directly connect to the hiring manager instead of sending your application to HR and waiting for too many days. But be very clear about the details you want mention in your social media profiles, and it should be consistent. Don't assume that recruiters or employers will only be checking your Linkedin profiles, they will also go through your Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Google profiles.
  • Staying in touch with them and follow ups definitely bring results but do these in a polite manner.
  • People might take advantage by using your time, be aware of that. It’s okay to give without expecting, if you’ve time for that service, if you feel good to help others.
  • If you're in the hiring process, then network will ease your recruitment process; they may suggest some best talent from their network.
  • Good networking not only helps get next job, it also helps you in your entire career.
  • As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s not about how many people you are connected with but the level of trust and understanding you built is important.
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