Staying happy at work is important

Staying happy at work is important

India is growing and soon the proportion of working-age population mostly will increase to more than 64 per cent by 2021, so people-'s happiness at...

India is growing and soon the proportion of working-age population mostly will increase to more than 64 per cent by 2021, so people's happiness at work is an area that simply cannot be ignored”, says Radha Krishna a senior recruitment manager. “Employees state of mind at work practically affects every other aspect of life such as family, social relationships and also individual’s mental and physical health.

So it is important to focus a little bit more on workplace happiness”, adds Radha Krishna. Most of the psychiatrists believe that people in first job are more prone to depression and unhappiness than the individuals who are having work experience of more than a year.“Most of my patients say, that they are not happy at work not because they do not love their job or they do not like the work place; but because they are not motivated”, says Dr Sreenivas, Psychiatrist.

“They are multiple things that make you unhappy at work, which may include a sadistic or punitive boss or employees who gossip or use offensive language. But it's important to remember that being positive will help you soon or later”, he adds. Radha Krishna says happier people are more successful people. He suggests not to look at the work as an un-avoidable or saddest part of life but as an important and happiest part of life to do well in it.

Four common reasons of unhappy people at work Relationships at work:

Most of employees might not have a good relationship with their boss or their colleagues which develops a sense of insecurity which soon or later turns into unhappiness. “Being open minded or transparent will help in making friends at work place will help to stay positive at office”, says Namratha Kyatam, an employee with Facebook.

You are not being fairly treated:

Not all but there are good numbers of few who feel that they are being biased against others and others are being favored. “This is a very common feeling among employees, but it’s nothing serious, it’s the role of the senior to make sure that the new joiners are treated well and are happy”, says Sravanthi Chaitanya who is a Team leader of a multinational company.

Not giving responsibility:

Most of the new joiners are still in the learning phase, so the team heads do not assign larger tasks to them. “If a new joiner is facing such problem, then it is best for him to talk to his superior and take responsibility which will help him in his growth in an organisation”, points Noopur, HR manager at a multinational company.

No proper role:

There are good numbers of employees who are not happy because they do not have a role demarcation.

By:Vaishnavi Girish

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