Top 20 universities that groom you to take on the world

Top 20 universities that groom you to take on the world

While many aspire to make it big with a university degree, chances skyrocket when you are a part of the most acclaimed and reputed universities. Here are the top 20 universities that gives you the chance to take on the world.

While many aspire to make it big with a university degree, chances skyrocket when you are a part of the most acclaimed and reputed universities. Here are the top 20 universities that give you the chance to take on the world.

University of Pennsylvania (USA)

The university of Pennsylvania ranks top in this list with nearly 25 billionaire graduates. Dating back to 1740, the University has produced a large number of leaders, Nobel laureates, and artists.

Distinguished Alumni - Elon Musk

Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Elon Musk is the CEO and CTO of Space X with a net worth is US $11.4 billion.

Harvard University (USA)

Regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard was established in 1636 and ranked seventh in America’s Top Colleges by Forbes. The University has produced 22 billionaires so far.

Distinguished Alumni - Jorge Paulo Lemann

With a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard in 1961, Jorge Paulo Lemann, a Swiss-Brazilian banker, is Brazil's richest man with an estimated worth of US $25 billion.

Yake University (USA)

Yale, established in 1701, is the third oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The university ranked sixth in America’s Top Colleges by Forbes and has produced 20 billionaires in total.

Distinguished Alumni - Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen Schwarzman has a Bachelor of Arts from Yale and is the chairman of Blackstone Group. Having ranked at 42nd place in the Forbes’ 400 richest people in America, Schwarzman has a net worth of US $12.1 billion.

University of Southern California (USA)

Having established in 1880, it is the region’s oldest university and has produced around 16 billionaires over the years. The university of Southern California was ranked at 78th place in the America’s Top Colleges for the year 2014.

Distinguished Alumni - George Lucas

The Director and producer have a Bachelor of Arts/Science from the University of Southern California. George Lucas is estimated to be worth as much as US $5 billion and ranked at 114th place in Forbes’ 400 richest people in America.

Princeton University (USA)

Founded in 1746, Princeton University is the fourth-oldest college in the United States and has produced 14 billionaires so far. The university, at present, has over 2,500 graduate students and 5,000 undergraduate students.

Distinguished Alumni - Jeff Bezos

Amazon.com CEO and Founder has a Bachelor of Science/Arts graduate from Princeton University. Jeff Bezos net worth is estimated to be at US $33.9 billion.

Cornell University (USA)

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University was established in 1865. The University offers various undergraduate, graduate, professional programmes and has produced 14 billionaires till now.

Distinguished Alumni - S. Curtis Johnson

With a Bachelor of Science/Arts from Cornell University, Curtis Johnson was the chairman of Diversey Inc., a part of Johnson Family Enterprises, until 2011 and his net worth is estimated to be US $3 billion.

Stanford University (USA)

Founded in 1891, Stanford University is located near the Silicon Valley. World-known corporations like Nike, Google and Yahoo have been established by the students and faculties affiliated with the university. 14 of the University's past students are billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Doris Fisher

With a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from Stanford, Doris Fisher co-founded clothing stores Gap along with her husband Donald. The retailer has an estimated net worth of US $3.3 billion and 3,200 stores selling brands like Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta.

The University of California, Berkeley (USA)

One of the prestigious educational institutions in the world, University of California, Berkeley was founded in 1868 and has a reputation of producing 12 billionaires apart from a large number of governors and heads of states.

Distinguished Alumni - Gordon Moore

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University, Gordon Moore is the Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corp. and his net worth is estimated to be US $6.5 billion.

University of Mumbai (INDIA)

The University of Mumbai is among the first three universities to be established in India offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in several disciplines. The university's alumnus includes Mahatma Gandhi, cricketer Sunil Gavaskar and late steel tycoon Jamsetji Tata apart from producing 12 billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Ajay Piramal

One of the India’s leading businessmen, Ajay Piramal is the Chairman of Piramal Group and his net worth is estimated at US $1.98 billion.

London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)

Established in 1895, the public research university specializes in social sciences and has produced 11 billionaires besides educating prominent dignitaries in the fields of economics, philosophy, literature, and politics.

Distinguished Alumni - Paul Volcker

Paul Volcker is an educated economist in the London School of Economics and is currently, a leading figure in the history of the Federal Reserve. He served the United States Federal Government for three decades in various capacities and also served as a chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board from 2009-11.

Lomonosov Moscow State University (RUSSIA)

The University, established in 1755, boasts of more than 47,000 students. The university has produced 11 billionaires in total and it's library is one of the largest in the country with nine million books.

Distinguished Alumni - Maragarita Louis-Dreyfus

The chairman of Louis Dreyfus has an LLB from the University and also owns French soccer giant Olympique Marseille. The Russian-born has a net worth of US $8.1 billion.

University of Texas (USA)

Among the prolific research institutions in the country, University of Texas has given several gold medal-winning Olympians and leaders to the world besides producing 10 billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - JM Coetzee

The acclaimed novelist won the Booker Prize for The Life & Times of Michael K and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Dartmouth College (USA)

One of the world's greatest academic institutions, the College is a member of the Ivy League, offering several programs in arts and sciences, along with a strong sports culture. Dartmouth College went on to produce 10 billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Leon Black

Leon Black has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and History from Dartmouth College and is an American businessman specializing in leveraged buyouts and private equity. Having founded the Apollo Global Management, Black has an estimated net worth of US $5 billion.

University of Michigan (USA)

Established in 1817, the University of Michigan is known for its exceptional contributions to mathematics, engineering, technology and social sciences along with producing ten billionaires over the years.

Distinguished Alumni - Larry Page

With a Bachelor of Arts / Science degree from the University of Michigan, Larry Page who is the Google CEO has a net worth of US $29.9 billion.

New York University (USA)

Based in the New York City, the University was founded in 1831 and has a reputation of producing Nobel Laureates, billionaires and Hollywood actors along with nine of its students being billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Alan Greenspan

Known for shaping monetary policies for the country over two decades, Alan Greenspan is best known for chairing the Federal Reserve Board from 1987-2006. The American economist and a financial adviser provide financial consultation to firms via his company, Greenspan Associates LLC.

Duke University (USA)

Founded initially as Trinity College in 1838, the university was later transformed into Duke University in 1924. The University has a history of producing a number of famous and highly successful athletes and artists apart from nine billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams had a long run at American channel MSNBC, following which he became the chief legal analyst on ABC News. He later went on to co-anchor the network’s popular show Nightline.

Columbia University (USA)

Initially established as the King's College in 1754 by royal charter of King George II of England, the Columbia University is the fifth oldest institution in the United States. With various degrees in the fields of arts, architecture, journalism, business and medicine offered by the University, several Academy Award winners and Nobel Laureates were produced over the years from the University along with eight billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Robert Kraft

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from Columbia University, Robert Kraft is the owner of NFL franchise New England Patriots and has the net worth of US $4.3 billion.

Brown University (USA)

Established in 1764, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States and is the leading research university, known for its diversity and intellectual freedom. The University has so far has churned out eight billionaires.

Distinguished Alumni - Janet Yellen

Being the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Yellen taught at Harvard and University of California. In her career spanning decades, the Brown University grad has also served on the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), (USA)

MIT has produced over 75 Nobel Laureates, seven billionaires and some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Founded in 1861, the University is known for offering best-in-class education in physical sciences and engineering.

Distinguished Alumni - David Koch

Having a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in science from MIT, David Koch is New York City’s richest resident with a shares control of Koch Industries and has an estimated net worth of US $41.8 billion.


One of the leading universities in technology and natural sciences, ETH Zurich was founded in 1855 and has over 18,500 students including 4,000 doctoral students from 110 countries. The university has produced six billionaires so far.

Distinguished Alumni - Philippe Kahn

Known for making the first camera phone solution to share pictures instantly on public networks, Philippe Kahn has founded three technology companies: LightSurf Technologies, Starfish Software, and Fullpower Technologies.

- The above list is as per the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014 report and the data is of March 28, 2015.

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