Trade your junk food for a juice diet

Trade your junk food for a juice diet

Trade your junk food for a juice diet, Juice Diet, young community. Anyone can start a juice diet with proper planning and selection of the fruits and...

The talk about ‘Juice Diet’ is the latest doing the rounds in the young community. Here’s why this diet, done the right away, can keep you healthy and alert for that big exam you are going to take soon

What is Juice Diet ?

Juice Diet is the diet where one consumes juices for the entire day without having any solid meal. Juices can be pure or mixed juices and can be both vegetable and fruit juices. Combination can be worked on the value the person is seeking to attain . Many will be under the impression that juice diet is most easy because one can just buy juice or make juice at home, but here the juice diet we are talking about, holds a different meaning altogether, because ‘Juice Diet’ actually means juices prepared by cold press method.

Why juice diet?

Juices made with cold pressed method holds maximum nutrients and fiber can be captured as per our requirement. In this method one can have more number of fruits or vegetables in one go, which otherwise would not be possible. Eg. 4 apples and 5 bunches of spinach can go in 500 ml of spinach apple juice! Phytonutrients present in the fruits and vegetables are essentially plant chemicals that protect us and improve immunity and detoxify the body. Juice diet helps in colon cleansing and improves the patency of gut.

When to use juice diet?

Anyone can start a juice diet with proper planning and selection of the fruits and vegetables as per the individual requirement. Juice diet can be used for quick loss of couple of kgs weight and some significant inch loss. Juice diet can also be used as probiotic adjuvant after antibiotic treatment therapy.

Who should use juice diet ?

Most preferably juice diet is advised to persons between the age group of 20 to 40 for weight loss/ colon cleanse/probiotic therapy. Sometimes conditions like cancer also calls for juice diet as per the treatment stage. Geriatric patients too can benefit from these juices as their appetite will be low and healing chemicals requirement is high. Rich concentration of phytonutrients in the cold pressed juices is the answer. Diabetics and people suffering with electrolyte imbalance as in kidney or liver diseases need to exercise caution.

How to take juice diet?

Cold pressed juices can be taken as partial part of diet to improve the general nutritional quality of the meal. While majorly it is used for inch loss and colon cleanse. When taking juice diet, first work out combinations of fruits and vegetables as per the requirement, next consume juice within 2 hours of its extraction. One can consume up to 500 ml per serving and 8 servings per day is essential if you are completely on juice diet. If the juice part of regular diet than up to 500ml per day can be taken in 2 divided dose.

They say whole fruits/vegetables are better than juices?!

Yes, whole fruits are always better than juices. cold pressed juices are a concentrated source and need to be used as therapy for better health.

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