10 Kenyan foods to eat before dying!

10 Kenyan foods to eat before dying!

Top Ten Kenyan Dishes That You Have TO Eat Before Dying. Kenya has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations of this century. Home to...

Kenya is a small country located in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa. It lies on the equator with the Indian Ocean to its side. It has great sandy beaches making up its brilliant coasts, and it is also the home of a grand variety of flora and fauna – it has a large number of game reserves, one of them being Maasai Mara, one of the largest game reserves on Earth.

These are just few among the many reasons why Kenya has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations of this century. Another attraction which drives tourists crazy is their culinary. Home to 42 tribes, they offer a wide ranges of dishes which are considered as a must-have for any tourist visiting the country.

Here are ten Kenyan foods you have to eat before you die.


Irio is one of the most popular foods in Kenya. This food originated in the Kikiyu tribe in central Kenya. It consists of merely green peas and mashed potatoes boiled together, after which corn is added to give the mixture some starch and texture. Irio is traditionally served with meat stew. This dish may sound simple, but will leave you craving for more.


Native to the coastal tribes of Kenya, Pilau comprises of rice and meat. The meat is fried in oil until it is deep brown, after which spices are added. The rice is then fried in a pan with the spiced meat. Then, water is added to the mixture and it is left to cook for 10-15 minutes.

This dish is cooked with flavor-bursting spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and cumin, the mere sound of which would make a foodies mouth water.


Ugali is the foundation of all Kenyan dishes, and can be an accompaniment to most of the foods mentioned here. It is made from corn flour that is added to boiling water. It is then stirred until it forms a dense block, like in the picture.

Some of the popular accompaniments include sukama wiki and nyama choma: roasted meat.


Matoke is cooked with plantain bananas in oil with tomatos, onions, garlic and meat. The bananas are cooked until they become soft and start forming a thick stew among the other ingredients.

The dish is native to the western parts of Kerala and is served with rice of ugali, a dish we elaborated on in the last point.


Chapati is a dish Indians are probably familiar with because it was introduced to Kenya by the significant Indian population within Kenya. The chapattis are made by rolling dough into a flat round circle and frying it on a skillet with oil until it’s brown and crispy on the outside, but remains moist and doughy on the inside.

Kenyan chappatis are enjoyed best with green grams or fried cabbages. They are also considered an excellent accompaniment for tea.


Native to the coastal towns in Kenya, Bajaia is made from potatos that have been seasoned and deep friend in oil. It is similar to a popular Indian dish. It is another Kenyan favourite.


Mandazis are another Kenyan delicacy. It is basically deep fried dough. The dough is spiced, after which baking powder is added to it to make them seem larger. They are usually enjoyed with tea and they are considered as a popular Kenyan snack.


Mutura is the Kenyan version of sausage. It is protein rich, the main ingredients of which are ground meat and clotted goat blood. The mixture of meat and blood is stuffed into the intestines of the goat and then boiled for a few hours. They are then roasted over an open grill to give it the smoky taste which is synonymous with this dish.

Sukuma wiki

This is another authentic Kenyan food which is made up of fried kales. Small pieces of finely chopped kale is fried with onions and tomatoes. The dish is served with ugali, a dish we mentioned earlier.


Githeri is a mixture of maize and beans, and after tasting it, you won’t wonder why it features on this list. The mixture is usually boiled for a few hours to soften the ingredients, after which it is fried. It is usually seasoned with pepper and coriander, and served hot.

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