Superfood Strawberries

Superfood Strawberries

Superfood Strawberries.Food that is very rich in nutrients and considered beneficial for health is superfood. Strawberry is one such highly prized...

Food that is very rich in nutrients and considered beneficial for health is superfood. Strawberry is one such highly prized fruit.

When the summer is not yet here and winter is on its way out, a short period of 4-5 weeks sees the Indian markets flooded with Strawberries. Those luscious red fruit which are grown in Mahabaleshwar and other similarly high areas, appear on the fruit carts and aisles in the supermarket. Strawberries have a lot of story and drama associated with them.

Due to the timing of their appearance in the markets, they are just in time for Valentine’s Day and are a hot favourite to be eaten dipped in melted chocolate, baked into cupcakes or as dessert. It is easy to see why they are so popular. They look good, the shiny red colour is attractive, and the sweet and tart taste makes them perfect for snacking, adding them to salads or breakfast.

A look at the nutritional element of these fruit tells us that they are nutritional powerhouses and pack in quite a punch. The fruit are a major source of anti-oxidants. An anti oxidant prevents the chain reaction of oxidisation and prevents cell damage. How this is beneficial to the body is that anti oxidant foods, they help defend cell structures and protect the organs of the body.

Strawberries are high in vitamin C. Infact eight strawberries provide more Vitamin C than an average orange. They are also high in their fibre and manganese content. Numerous studies have shown that strawberries offer protection against many cancers including breast and colon cancer. What’s more is that these little fruit could help in weight management by regulating appetite and increasing fat burning.

If this is not enough to prompt you to reach for a bowl of fresh strawberries, then check out these easy recipes to enjoy this beautiful and beneficial fruit. Eating the fruit raw and fresh is best; however the classic way to preserve a fruit’s goodness is by converting it into jam or

By Arundati Rao

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