SWOT analysis of political parties in Andhra Pradesh

SWOT analysis of political parties in Andhra Pradesh

SWOT Analysis of Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh. Politics in Andhra Pradesh would revolve around the Congress party until the emergence of Telugu Desam formed by NTR stoking passions invoking the Telugu Pride.

Politics in Andhra Pradesh would revolve around the Congress party until the emergence of Telugu Desam formed by NTR stoking passions invoking the Telugu Pride. From then on, political battle field has been witness to bitter battles between Congress and the TDP. However, last ten to fifteen years has seen a sea change in the political situation of Andhra Pradesh. One saw emergence of new parties like TRS, Praja Rajyam, Lok Satta and more recently YSRCP, Jai Samaikyandhra and Jana Sena. MIM and BJP too are trying to establish their foothold in the two states. While the Praja Rajyam disappeared, others are trying to outwit each other to win the confidence and acceptance of people. With the division of Andhra Pradesh becoming a reality, political equations have changed drastically in both Telangana and Seemandhra. Let us analyse the strength and weakness of all parties in both regions.


The Congress which had been a strong force till now has lost its sheen with the entry of TDP. However thanks to Rajasekhar Reddy, it regained power. It earned more than 30 parliament seats and came to power at the Centre. However, mishandling of the situation after YSR's death has left the party in the lurch.


The emergence of Jagan's YSRCP has weakened Congress in the region. To minimise losses, the Congress decided to form Telangana. Many believe that this decision will backfire and wipe out the party in the region. Analysts feel Congress plans to win seats with the help of proxies like YSRCP, Jai Samaikyandhra and Jana Sena. But the Congress cannot be sure of success as all these parties may put their stakes on the winning party at the Centre.


The Congress decision to win seats in Telangana by forming the state did not have the desired impact. Many are seeing its sheer opportunism in the decision during the election year. Its hopes of riding on the back of TRS were dashed when TRS decided not to merge its party or align with Congress.

SWOT Analysis of Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh


Chandra Babu Naidu's TDP could have come to power in the last elections but for the entry of small parties in fray at the last moment. With his two-eye policy, CBN has come under heavy criticism. However, there are chances of him emerging a surprise winner.


Decision on Telangana pushed several senior Congress leaders to quit party and join TDP. People who watched Congress spoil the state in all fronts are feeling TDP rule will be better. This will definitely help the party in the elections. But only threat is the presence of so many new parties which may eat into its votes. Some people too hold Chandra Babu responsible for division of Andhra Pradesh.


The party can claim credit for the formation of Telangana as Chandra Babu did not change his stand on Telangana after sending a letter to the Centre expressing his consent to divide the state. However, his two-eye theory weakened the party in the region. But its strong cadre and organisation structure still make it a strong force in Telangana.


Jagan Mohan Reddy's YSRCP has emerged a strong force after the death of YSR. The way Sonia treated Jagan didn't go well with the people. Jagan's Odarpu Yatra made him the darling of masses and even when Congress sent him to jail, his popularity only increased.


Jagan is expected to sweep Seemandhra. However the problem is the popularity grew too fast and many expect the party's popularity to take a plunge elections approach. Jagan's utterances that he will join hands with Congress did not go down well with many. With the entry of political parties started by Kiran and Pawan, it all depends on how YSRCP can keep its support base intact.


KCR's TRS is expected to sweep Telangana. People know that Telangana became a reality thanks to TRS reviving Telangana movement. However, weak organisation structure and TDP getting stronger are weakening the party. Many in the party are opposing KCR's family rule in TRS and are looking for alternatives. With Congress trying to break the party and teach KCR a good lesson, TRS is experiencing jitters.


MIM at first supported United Andhra Pradesh but with Telangana becoming a reality, it is planning to expand its base fearing rise of BJP in the region. With parties like YSRCP, Congress and TDP competing to have some understanding with it, it hopes to make some inroads. Its pro Muslim image may stop its March.



BJP hopes to reap rich dividends in Telangana. Being a national party and its consistent support for Telangana are its strong points. Modi's popularity will only add to its advantage.


BJP wishes to win some seats in the region too, to gain power at the Centre. The party is already claiming credit for getting a package for Seemandhra region and also hopes if to join hands with TDP and Jana Sena to win a few seats. Modi's stature is its biggest advantage.

Jai Samaikyandhra

Former chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy launched Jai Samaikyandhra party after resigning from Congress opposing the decision on Telangana. His defying of Sonia Gandhi and defeating of Telangana bill in the state Assembly has won him the support of many in Seemandhra region. But many feel he is enacting a drama scripted by the Congress party. Now, everything depends on how he overcomes the charge of Congress cronies. Many question his decision to name his party Jai Samaikyandhra even before the division is completed.

Jana Sena

Power Star Pawan Kalyan launched his party Jana Sena after the decision on Telangana was taken.


He tried to win the hearts of people by saying the division has pained him. However, many suspect he has tacit support of the Congress. The way his brother Chiranjeevi merged his PRP hangs on his head. Besides, his support to Telangana may not win him Seemandhra support at all


Pawan's poking his nose into TRS and demanding information on usage of funds by Kavitha attracted the attention of all. He also said division did not win the full support of Telangana people due to restrictions imposed. However, his rift with brother Chiranjeevi who changed his stand on Telangana can act against him.

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