Hyderabad a city of cities

Hyderabad a city of cities

In a bid to boost ‘Brand Hyderabad’ globally, the Telangana government shed light on various ‘cities’ that the previous governments had planned to set up in and around Hyderabad with a few add-ons from the new government.

In a bid to boost ‘Brand Hyderabad’ globally, the Telangana government shed light on various ‘cities’ that the previous governments had planned to set up in and around Hyderabad with a few add-ons from the new government. Like Hitec City, which is the IT hub of Hyderabad, the proposed cities would assimilate professionals from similar fields at particular locations. For example, the Game City would have companies related to gaming and gaming complexes within its radius, and the Sports City would host top level tournaments and help in training sports persons. Here’s a list of all the ‘cities’ which have been proposed to change Hyderabad’s skyline

Game City

This city would house gaming, animation, media and entertainment companies. Back in January this year, former Chief Minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh N Kiran Kumar Reddy laid the foundation stone at Raidurg for the Rs 350 crore venture which is being called Gaming, Animation, Media and Entertainment (G.A.M.E) Park. The Game Park would provide employment to 15,000 people and a built-up space of around 6 lakh square feet. The Game Park would be a hub for gaming, animation, web design, online multi-player gaming facilities, etc. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country. The park, spread over 30 acres, would provide incubation and common facilities to animation and gaming companies. It would also provide the necessary environment and new opportunities, promoting Hyderabad as a media outsourcing hub.

Pharma City

The ‘Pharma City’ will be spread over 7,000 acres and will have all the required amenities of international standards, which will also include residential townships for the employees of the pharma industry. Globally China and India are regarded as the fastest growing pharma hubs in the world. In Telangana, particularly the bulk drug industry is well established and the state has leading pharma manufacturing firms like Dr Reddy’s, Aurobindo Pharma, Biocon, Hetero Drugs, Mylan, Shantha Biotechnics, Zenotech Labs and others. The Pharma City will be located at a place where the basic infrastructure facilities like availability of land, water, power and transport facilities like road, rail and airport are easily accessible.

Smart City

The concept of Smart City would not be circumvallated to just one particular area but all of Hyderabad. The twin cities were selected to be among 100 smart cities in India by the Narendra Modi-led government. The Telangana government has already taken various steps to turn the city into a Smart City. If claims by the government are to be believed then Hyderabad might just become the first WiFi enabled city.

Fab City

The much-hyped semiconductor hub Fab City had failed to attract many companies back in 2013. The venture was set-up in 2008 at Raviryal village of Maheshwaram mandal in Rangareddy district and a few companies like Solar Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd, Moserbaer India Ltd, Air Liquide, Titan Energy Systems Ltd, Nano-Tech Silicon India, M/S Embedded IT Solutions ( India) Pvt. Ltd were set up. The T-government is reworking on the idea to attract more companies. If this is done, then there would be a boost in the employment.

Sports City

In the Chief Minister’s own words, “The proposed Sports City would be in a position to conduct some national level or international level or inter-state level sports or games events once in two months, and ultimately one day the Olympics could also be hosted in Hyderabad.” And that just sums it up.

Event City

The Telangana government is planning to establish a Rs 100 crore Event City at Khanamet. It will be on the lines of the Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi. Telangana Chambers of Events Industry (TCEI), a not-for-profit organisation, was launched recently and comprises six industry sub sectors viz., events, sound, light and video, facilitators, event caterers, event venue and entertainers.

Science City

This venture with Budvel as its epicentre is meant to double up as a science hub and an entertainment park. Lunar Colony, an artistic rendition of an imaginative trip to a futuristic colony on the earth's satellite; 'Volcano Eruption', a virtual visit to the tip of a volcano; 'Space Station' with facilities of walking on the moon; 'Mars Tour and Planetarium' are being considered by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA). Another proposal is setting up of a 'Dinosaur Park' by recreating the world of the past in an astrovision show. The aim of establishing a Science City is to portray the growth of science and technology and their application in industry, human welfare and environment. According to the HMDA officials, the Science City will not only be an entertainment park, but also a science hub. It will boast facilities for research and development in various fields of science like space, nuclear, information technology, robotics and bio-technology. IMAX 9D Vision Theatre and Planetarium are expected to be a part of this project. Science City is expected to be operational by 2015.

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