Changes in moles are indication of skin cancer

Changes in moles are  indication of skin cancer

Find out through ABCDE method In the previous issue regarding detecting cancer in advance stage in women, we understood the screening tests to be...

Find out through ABCDE method
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In the previous issue regarding detecting cancer in advance stage in women, we understood the screening tests to be conducted. Let us now know the tests to be conducted in both men and women and only in men. Let us also know how we can detect skin cancer, mouth cancer, large intestinal cancer, prostate cancer in advance.

Tests to be undergone by both men and women
Skin cancer: The important method to find out skin cancer is to test the skin frequently only, especially moles. It is better to find out moles through ABCDE method as mentioned below.

ABCDE method.
A: Tow halves should not be alike when moles are divided centrally.
B: The end part of mole should not be in thin color (blur) or rough
C: There should not be any change in mole which means the colour should not be changed into thicker than earlier color nor should it become thinner.
D: The radius of mole should not be more than 1/4inch.
E: The mole should not be like bubble nor should it be like swelling.

Large intestinal cancer
In large intestine, cancer will start in the beginning as small bubbles and gradually may change into cancer lumps. When following symptoms are noticed , suitable measures should be taken immediately.

Bleeding in anus and stools:
Continuous bleeding and constipation are red signals. Don’t ignore either pain or stiffness in lower abdomen. Other warning signals:
Instant reduction in weight.
People who got cancer earlier and now cured.
People with ulcerative colits.
Cancer in any blood relations(Parents, sisters, brothers, children)
Under the above mentioned circumstances, FOBT and Flexible Sigmoid Scope Tests should be undergone once every three years.

Mouth cancer
Mouth cancer screening is very important n countries like ours where the prevalence of mouth cancer is significant. Unlike other limbs of the body, primary screening of the mouth is easy, since it is visible to the eye. The changes in the mouth should be frequently observed. Especially people who have smoking habit should immediately stop that habit. Even people who have stopped smoking habit should also frequently observe the changes that occur in the mouth.

Steps to be conducted for men
Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is one of the cancers that attacks men. Prostate cancer is not unnatural in India. But many people do not have any awareness about this.

Even most of the International organisations also are advising men to undergo prostate cancer tests regularly. Men who have crossed 50 years of age should undergo Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Blood tests, Digital Rectal tests every year. In case anybody in the family (Parents, Brothers, Sons) has prostate cancer ,the rest of the men should undergo screening test right from 40 years of age.

(The doctor is MS (Gen), DNB (Surg), Mch (Surg, Onco), FRCS (Edin) Diploma in lap Surg (France) Chief Surgical Oncologist [email protected] 9848011421)

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