All you need to know about sciatica

All you need to know about sciatica

Most women tend to ignore the warning signs of back related problems in their mid-thirties. Despite the side effects, symptoms and persistent alarming signs,

Most women tend to ignore the warning signs of back related problems in their mid-thirties. Despite the side effects, symptoms and persistent alarming signs, women tend to overlook the crucial need to undergo a medical examination, considering it trivial. Of the many heath issues that are side-lined, sciatic nerve concerns are one of them.

Most of the urban women do not know that there exists a sciatic nerve which is actually the largest nerve in the body. The pain that is felt due to this nerve is labelled as sciatica in medical terms.

What Is Sciatica?
Sciatica is a pain felt in the lower part of the body due to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. Women tend to feel a sharp pain that comes and goes from behind the thigh and radiates down below the knee. As the nerve primarily emerges from the nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord and runs through the buttock area to the lower limb, any irritation of this nerve creates a pain that starts from the lower back that travels till the limbs.
What causes sciatica?
Though this can be considered as nothing, the sciatic pain cannot be simply ignored. There are some severe factors that trigger this pain and one need to know the causes for the sciatic nerve pain.
Some of the prime causes of sciatica are
- Disc Herniation process or any other disc procedure directly pressing on the sciatic nerve
- Irritation of the sciatic nerve due to an abnormal intervertebral disc
- Irritation of nerve due to adjacent bone, tumours, infections and injury
- An undetected internal bleeding
- Pregnancy
Symptoms to watch out for
The sciatic nerve pain gives out some clear signals to one’s body. It is vital to keep an active vigil on the warning signs
- Severe pain or a burning sensation in the lower back
- Sharp pain in the buttocks
- Unexplained pain in the legs
- Hip pain
- Difficulty in walking
- Sudden pain while bending the waist
- Pain relief that happens while changing positions
Sciatica can be diagnosed with the help of X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI Scan and Electromyogram. Consulting the doctor is must post which the diagnosis is prescribed looking at the case to case scenario.
Treatment options for Sciatica
Most specialists all over the world recommend a good bed rest while dealing with a sciatica nerve pain. Medications are also prescribed during the rest period. The treatment varies depending upon the severity of the pain. Many patients have reported positive results after long periods of bed rest.
How to prevent the Sciatic Pain?
One needs to exercise extreme caution with back muscles, especially after hitting the mid-thirties. Healthy life style and diet contribute immensely to keep fit and active, thereby reducing the chances of the onset. Stretching exercises, Yoga and hitting the Gym are an absolute must for women to avoid the sciatic pain.
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