Wife kills husband with paramour's help in Rajahmundry
Wife kills husband with paramour's help in Rajahmundry

A woman killed her husband with the help of paramour early this month in East Godavari district. The incident came to light after the police arrested the accused.

The victim Gubbala Venkata Ramana was killed by Chikatla Satish who developed an extra marital affair with Ramana's wife Jyothi. On learning their affair, Ramana warned Jyothi to stay away from Satish which enraged the latter.

To get rid Ramana and continue the illicit affair, Satish planned to kill the former. The accused took so called Nagadevi's help who called up Ramana saying that she loves him. She then asked the victim to meet her at a nursery.

When Ramana had gone to the place, a group of people attacked him with beer bottles and Satish hacked him to death. 

However, the accused concealed the dead body in the nursery to burry it on the next day. On the other hand, the nursery owner grew suspicious when Satish arrived at nursery on the next day. The accused disclosed the matter after he was confronted.

The police managed to caught hold of all the culprits involved in the case. 

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