25-year-old woman and her son get knocked down by a jeep

25-year-old woman and her son get knocked down by a jeep

MANGALURU: A 25-year-old woman Chandralatha and her two-year-old son Ritwij, had been miraculously saved after being hit by a jeep. Fortunately, the mother and the child suffered from minor injuries. The incident took place under the limits of the Uppinangady police station and has been recorded on CCTV.

According to the police, the jeep that had knocked down the woman belongs to a catering firm, which manages a restaurant named Tiffin Room which is located in Puttur. The driver of the jeep entered the restaurant after parking the jeep, and had left the key in the ignition.

A youngster, who is an employee of the hotel, hopped into the jeep and took his chances with the vehicle. Police have said that, he did not know driving. As he turned the key and stepped his foot on the accelerator, the jeep moved ahead with great speed, knocking down the woman and her child, who were standing a few metres away. The Jeep also rammed into two cars and three motorcycles.

Locals helped the woman, who escaped with minor injuries, and called the police. The woman, who had sustained minor injuries on her toe and head, was administered first-aid.

Police said that the woman did not wish to register a complaint against the supplier.

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