This horror movie isn’t scary?

This horror movie isn’t scary?

There are many reasons for that, firstly, we get scared during a horror film for various reasons such as the sound effect,

horroe filmWe all watch horror movies. The moment we finish watching them, many of us would be like, “Man, that aint so scary.” This is quite peculiar. In spite of being scared and afraid, why do we say that we weren’t afraid of a particular horror film?

There are many reasons for that, firstly, we get scared during a horror film for various reasons such as the sound effect, the visuals or the anticipation on our part about what’s going to happened. But when we finish watching the film, we stop feeling the effects. Hence, we do not feel afraid of that film anymore.

Moreover, we do not possess a memory; at least not everyone possesses the memory to remember all the visuals and the scary scenes in the film and the reasons behind them. So it’s simple, the moment you finish watching a horror film, that’s the end of the story. You are no longer affected by the film and its techniques to scare you. And well, we humans by nature like to boast a lot. When someone endures to watch a scary film and calls it normal, we would definitely feel that the guy is having great guts. So, for various reasons people do say that horror films do not scare them, but yes. Almost every horror film scares us. There is a psychological factor behind it even. Before going into the theatre itself, we have psychologically programmed ourselves that it is a horror film and we get scared. So, our mind per se waits for chances to feel the anticipation and get afraid.

Nevertheless, few people say that some films are scarier than many others. But yeah, we do have explanations for that. The films which tend or appear to be more scarier than commonplace might have had a stronger story line or in common words, let’s say that they have a haunted, even more haunted story.
The scary effect of a horror film isn’t merely the result of the story itself. There are many factors like the music, visuals, the technique used etc.; hence, we are afraid by the way a director particularly chooses to scare us. It might be using the story and its dread, or just the technique. Eventually, we’ll all end up with chills down our spine. But, our mind actually conjures scary story lines or plot better than the technique or the way it was portrayed.
Therefore, that is the reason why few films appear to be scarier than other and vice versa.

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