The great Indian Pizza fixation

The great Indian Pizza fixation

Having a rough day. Unable to cook up a meal for the family. Working late at office thanks to the piling deadline. Have no plans on the weekend.

Having a rough day. Unable to cook up a meal for the family. Working late at office thanks to the piling deadline. Have no plans on the weekend. These conundrums have become a part of our ever changing, hectic lifestyles. With tight routine and declining quality of life, we have limited choices to choose from to manage the weekdays. Weekends come and go like a brief gust of wind and life passes on. Eating out or ordering in have become an integral part of our busy lives.

In the midst of ongoing chaos, we surely have one addiction common being urbanely equipped. Pizza

An Italian delight that has become a part and parcel of the modern Indian household, Pizza takes a completely different pedestal as compared to other cuisines that hover around as choices. People look forward to a delicious Pizza time, be it at home, at work or at those amazing weekend get-togethers. The food and dining market is not very far off, more than willing to satiate the wagging tongues and hungry stomachs. For those who cannot manage to make a meal on those excruciating days, Pizza comes as an instant relief.
Currently, the Indian market is ruled by two major Pizza giants, Dominos and The Pizza Hut. While Dominos practically dominates (as goes the name) the household ordering in segment, The Pizza Hut welcomes families and groups to savor some delectable Pizza varieties in their brightly lit, bell hung, colorful outlets. There are other time tested and branded names like Papa Jones and US Pizza in the select metros, with individual niches and style.
The pizza giants struggle month on month, strategizing some lip smacking offers and new recipes, trying to woo the new customer range or retain the existing loyalty. People do not mind grabbing Pizza more than two times a week, given the ironical circumstances of waging work limits and unmanageable stress levels. The customers are now spoilt for choices, be it the Dominos trademark thin crust Pizza or The Pizza Hut’s latest debutante, Birizza where Pizza and the Hyderabadi Biryani are cemented with a saucy bonding.
Interestingly, children are the most viable targets from the urban homes when it comes to branding by the retail chains. The kids are smitten with crusts topped with thick layer of cheese. Apart from the main course, the little customers are often pampered with the innovative Kiddy meals, catering to tiny souls with yummy garlic breads, pastas and desserts. There is a certain Pizza craze with the younger lot in India, only after Mc Donald’s.
Gone are the days when the mothers and grandmothers would whip up yummy bhajias, crispies and tit bits. Homemade Pizzas are also quite popular, with new age mommies’ dolloping the pizza bases with layers of spreads, veggies and cheese. Those how have time manage to make the base at home while the busier ones lift them off from the counters of the super markets on the way home from work.
We have conveniently replaced the indoor snacking/dinner time with an outsourced speedy 30 minute delivery bringing in a million smiles. Keeping the issues of health and lifestyle aside for a minute, people now indulge in that occasional Italian binge when possible.
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