Is your Friend Trustworthy?

Is your Friend Trustworthy?

Hmmm Is your friend trustworthy enough Will they help you when you need them Do they backbite Can you be yourself Can you share secrets with them

Hmmm…. Is your friend trustworthy enough? Will they help you when you need them? Do they backbite? Can you be yourself? Can you share secrets with them?

If your friend behaviour or actions are making you uncomfortable, it’s time to check how trustworthy they are? You can decide whether you rely on them or not? There are ways to assess them to find out.

Do they turn up on time?
Suppose you have planned to go out somewhere on a specific time. But they don’t turn up on time and don’t even bother to keep you informed about their delayed arrival. Then it is really something to think over. Do they really value your time and friendship? Can you rely on when you really need them?

Do they keep promises?
Do they keep promises that they made to you? If they don’t do it for once or twice you can forgive them. But if they keep repeating you need to think over. Keeping word is a very important sign of true friendship.

Do they prioritize other friends over you?
While hanging out with your friend you feel left out or part of the group? You feel invited or you are invited or just called only as an afterthought? You should be able to feel the difference of being welcomed or being used.

Do you feel being judged in their presence?
A good friend will never judge you. You will share your emotions and fears with them. They will always extend their support and value your feelings. They will encourage you but never make any negative statement or discourage you.

Do you really feel comfortable with them?
Do you really like their company or just feel like going around them. Don’t end up making a bigger circle of friends, make better friends. As it is said a friend in need is a friend indeed. Have one best friend rather than having a big circle of friends whom you can trust.

Do you trust them with your secrets?
Is your friend lying to others? If they lie to others they can lie to you too. If they ditch others they can do the same to you, they are the ones who don’t value relationships, emotion or feelings. Observe, do they consider you or just focus on themselves. Can they keep your secret as a secret? Check out! Before its too late...

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