Can TDP sail through with SCS sentiment in ’19?

Can TDP sail through with SCS sentiment in ’19?

Has Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu succeeded in igniting Special Category Status sentiment among people to ensure his victory in 2019 Assembly and ...

Has Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu succeeded in igniting Special Category Status sentiment among people to ensure his victory in 2019 Assembly and Lok Sabha polls?

When The Hans India sought the views of people, most of them felt that though the sentiment is strong and displeasure over injustice to the state is visible, it may not help Naidu much in winning the polls because of his four-year alliance with the NDA and his past utterances downplaying the significance of SCS.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has not been successful in igniting the Special Category Status (SCS) sentiment enough to win the coming elections. Because of a few faults of his, there was no development in the State as expected .- Aditya Harshavardhan, advocate, Vijayawada

The SCS turned out a major issue after the Union Budget this year. Till then the state government was in anticipation of favourable consideration. Since then Naidu has been attacking BJP day in and day out, besides holding Porata Deekshas. Whether people are convinced or not can be seen only in elections. - Ch Dinesh , software professional, Kakinada

No doubt Chandrababu Naidu has succeeded in igniting the SCS sentiment in people as it will surely help him to secure victory against NDA government in 2019 elections. Though there was some displeasure in public over its alliance with BJP in the past, but Naidu later was able to allay them them by explaining the reasons for his friendship.- P Suresh Babu, Teacher Badvel town

Chief Minister Chandra babu Naidu though succeeded in his endeavour to fire SCS sentiment among the people, it cannot benefit him in the forthcoming Assembly elections. Earlier, he played down the importance of SCS but now is demanding it which makes people doubt his sincerity.- B Ramesh, advocate, Rajamahendravaram

AP people have concluded that the BJP-led Central government will not give SCS to AP and TDP has failed to achieve it due to its double standards. Even Congress too did injustice to AP in the division of state assets between the both states. Now Chandrababu Naidu is maintaining relations with the same Congress so people firmly believe SCS is not going to be granted to the state. - M Palguna Raju, advocate, Srikakulam.

Naidu has somewhat succeeded in his effort to derive political mileage out of the SCS sentiment. It may help him partly to win the 2019 polls. However, he has to make sincere effort to face the polls and SCS sentiment would alone never work for Naidu. -K Murali, carpenter, Santhapet, Chittoor

Special Category Status sentiment alone will not work out for the TDP to win the coming elections. As long as the BJP is in power, AP will not be accorded SCS and no one knows whether the Congress would form government after the 2019 elections.- A Nathanael, agriculturist, Vijayawada

SCS is not an important issue for 2019 polls. There are other issues such as overall rise in corruption, unfulfilled promises made during 2014 polls and others. As far as the SCS is concerned, Chandrababu started campaign this year after the Union Budget .Only after the TDP alliance partner BJP failed to respond in expe-cted lines, after keeping quiet for four years. - G K Pawan Kumar, private employee, Karapa, East Godavari on.

Yes. Chandrababu Naidu has succeeded in igniting the Special Category Status sentiment among the public as it will be a powerful sentiment during the electioneering for 2019 polls. Definitely, TDP will get good response from the public in that aspect to defeat the BJP-led NDA government. - K Gopala Krishna, private employee, Kadapa town.

SCS to the state is very important for the overall development of the state. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu who earlier belittled it has now ignited the sentiment among the people on the issue. It will help him to some extent to succeed in the elections.- D Satyanarayana, private school principal, Rajamahendravaram

People of AP know pretty well about commitment of Chief Minister N Chand-rababu Naidu on SCS. He said in the past SCS was not at all required and package was enough and BJP-led Central government was providing all kinds of aid to AP. But the same leader has now changed tack after falling out with BJP -.G Vasanthi, engineering college lecturer, Tekkali

Chandrababu has failed to win the SCS while he was with BJP for four years. He himself said SCS was not a panacea and consented for special package. His current on SCS is for political mileage which would hardly help him win 2019 polls. - P Indira, teacher, Girvani High Schoool, Chittoor

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