Indian economy is passing through a very dangerous phase of political management of the country's economy instead of concentrating on a balanced and sustained real growth of several sectors through economic management reforms through politics.  At different points of time politicians have made use of different categories of voters as their trump cards and announced freebies in spite of advices by economists like Raghuram Rajan not favouring freebies.  Politics has more or less become a business under the guise of ' serving poor '. 

In T S too TRS has been voted into power by a sweeping majority and a  lot of responsibility is cast on KTR ( present working president of TRS ) for achieving victory in general elections too of 2019 .  KTR has to immediately concentrate on making Hyderabad a better city with improved roads and infrastructure, improved drainage system, immediately granting unemployment allowance to the lakhs of unemployed youth ( recently an unemployed B Tech educated woman has committed suicide unable to get a job ), helping honest  senior citizens paying municipal taxes etc  by reducing the taxes on them   to mention a few.  

Just like agriculture, fees systems in schools and colleges also  should be regulated and monitored year by year  so as to help the poor and the middle class secure admission in standard schools. It is expected that KTR would certainly bring all round happiness to all citizens of TS .  

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad    

It’s TRS alone that matters

If there is any message in the outcome of recent elections, that is, TRS, only TRS and none other than TRS that matters and stays in Telangana. People outright refused the campaign of Babu and Balayya that they have explained to Telanganaites what is IT and they have constructed modern Hyderabad. 

People of Telangana do not take cognisance of their existence in Telangana. It was a friendly message in 2014. A clear message in 2016. A writing on wall at ground level and on a flying Balloon in sky now. Let media of Telangana stop giving undue importance to unworthy utterances of undeserved.

G Sivaramakrishna, Hyderabad

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