The reality is different in AP

The reality is different in AP

The views expressed by the learned writer on Andhra Pradesh politics are far removed from ground reality Social Engineering, the new buzzword in...

The views expressed by the learned writer on Andhra Pradesh politics are far removed from ground reality. (Social Engineering, the new buzzword in Andhra politics). It is opined that the YSRCP is fast losing ground and the TDP- INC alliance would dent its chances. But, the truth is otherwise. In fact it is common knowledge and universal truth that in AP, the Congress cadre, unhappy with the unholy alliance , have already decided to transfer the vote enmasse to the YSRCP. This political development is not taken in to consideration by the learned writer. Simple logic behind this is two swords cannot fit in to one sheath.

Especially in the Rayalaseema and certain districts of Circar, the Congress vs TDP politics is faction ridden and two cannot work together in the field, forgetting age-old arch rivalry. So it is likely that entire Reddy, Dalit, Christian, Muslim and BC vote of Congress party will certainly go to YSRCP. Similarly there is lot of dissatisfaction among the cadre of both the communist parties,because of it's unwise alliance with a novice like Janasena . This section of vote is likely to be transferred to YSRCP.

Further the lion's share in the Kapu vote is likely to go to YSRCP, basing on the struggles the party had undertaken for the community. With regard to BC vote, it is not correct to say that, it will go enblock to one party. In fact it is likely to be shared by both the key players. Importantly, the people of AP, firmly believe that the YSRCP is an effective opposition party,relentlessly fighting for the people with devotion and that's why, will not ally with BJP, as it denied SCS to the beleaguered state, when it needed most. Hence the vicious propaganda that YSRCP is sailing with BJP, will not work in AP. Therefore, 2019 final,is going to be a tight rope walk for TDP, INC, BJP & Jana Sena in AP.

- P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

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