Rein in social media outbursts

Rein in social media outbursts

YS Sharmilas anger is not an unreasonable or groundless one, when she lodged a complaint with the police, against some objectionable heinous postings ...

YS Sharmila's anger is not an unreasonable or ground-less one, when she lodged a complaint with the police, against some objectionable & heinous postings that went viral in the social media (THI Dt. 15-01-2019) of late. In Indian culture, women have been held in high esteem from the time of ancient era. There are instances in our history that the State has stood behind the women solidly, in dealing with such unscrupulous attacks outraging the modesty of weaker sex.

I have been using the Social Media like Facebook, WhatsApp, approximately for the past one year, during which I too came across several free exchanges of such barbaric one-sided postings & messages, in unprintable language, by certain uncivilised users, openly. The women with hyper-sensitive mentalities, may not be able to tolerate such obnoxious acts, flashed out in the public space.

If further aggravated, this menace can also lead to victims' suicides, preceded by domestic skirmishes. The government should take a serious note of these embarrassing human-created murky situations, before enacting suitable stringent and deterrent laws.

- A Yugandhar, Suryapet

Sharmila is being targeted

The slander campaign in social media against one of the tallest leaders of YSRCP, indulged in by political rivals is highly condemnable. ( Sharmila files complaint on objectionable posts against her, The Hans India 15 Jan). Evidently, Sharmila Reddy, the worthy daughter of great YSR, is the key player of YSRCP in AP politics in 2019, and the scared opponents are resorting to character assassination of the leader, through unethical means and poisonous posts on social media, which reveals their desperation and moral degradation.

It is not only illegal,unethical immoral,but also political cowardice on the part of the political opponents in AP. Yesterday it was an assassination attempt on chief of YSRCP and today a character assassination attempt on Sharmila Reddy, which exposes the murky politics of AP. Hence, on this auspicious day, it becomes the sacred duty of every Telugu man and woman to raise their voice against the misogyny and injustice to Sharmila Reddy and other women leaders across the nation and defeat those dark forces responsible.

- P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

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