NYC restaurant has five-yr waiting period

NYC restaurant has five-yr waiting period

NYC Restaurant Has Five-Yr Waiting Period. World's Most Exclusive Restaurant In NYC Has Five Year Waiting List

London: Booking a table at a restaurant a day or two in advance is always the best move. But if you are planning to eat at the world's most exclusive restaurant in New York City, then you might want to book a little earlier - five years earlier to be exact.
Chef Damon Baehrel runs his self-titled eatery that seats 16 people from the basement of his house and every component of every preparation created by him is grown on his 12-acre property, the Daily Express reported.

Baehrel does not hire any other chef and is the only one making food for his customers, many of whom have travelled from 50 different countries to taste his food.
Baehrel said that he came up with the idea of his unique restaurant over 25 years ago when he realised that everything he needed was already on the property.
He added that he is the luckiest person in the world because he gets to create a truly original cuisine for guests that is not based on any other existing cuisine.

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