Popular Young Adult books

Popular Young Adult books

Popular Young Adult Books. There are a few YA book series that manages to hold the readers spellbound irrespective of their age.

There are a few YA book series that manages to hold the readers spellbound irrespective of their age. Any person with even a tiny bit of interest in reading will have these books in their book shelf. A few of these franchises that been made into movies have had a mixed audience and having their fandoms created everywhere in the world. Here are 3 such series that just cannot be read only once.

Popular Young Adult Books.


An epic about ‘the Boy who lived’ written by J.K.Rowlings is a 7 books series which is about the power of true love in the darkest of times, friendship, loyalty and everything that a parent wishes to teach their children about. And when this is combined with magical world full of spells, potions, quidditch and dragons it’s almost inhuman to not fall in love with this series!

This is a series that is literally worshipped by the fans and something even a non reader must read.


This franchise created by Suzanne Collins, is a story with a female protagonist Katniss Everdeen who comes as a saving grace to the 13 districts. This series reflects brutality and at the same time bravery and courage. This out of the world fiction story is an ultimate nail biter and glues the readers to their seats. With a bottom line of good over evil, this triology will leave you satisfied.


This pentalogy written by Rick Riordan is about a half human and half god (demi god) and his adventures. Even though placed in the children’s category this series is something that has action, thriller, romance, comedy in it, therefore is a treat for all the readers. This series that revolves around the Greek mythological characters has seeded an interest in mythology among the teens.

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