Safeguarding positive energies

Safeguarding positive energies

Hanging a bagua mirror or burning incense regularly clears the house of negative and bad energies and retains...

Hanging a bagua mirror or burning incense regularly clears the house of negative and bad energies and retains one's good luck

Inseeya Khamabati

safe2Hyderabad: White tiger placed in the west with the dragon in the east is auspicious. The tiger is the emblem of dignity, sternness and courage. Paired with the dragon, it is considered to bring great fortune and protects the home from bad luck.

The Lo Shu is a magic grid with numbers written on it. These numbers when added horizontally, vertically or diagonally their total is 15. The Lo Shu expresses one cycle of the waxing and waning moon. Placed on the back of a tortoise at home, it is said to attract good Feng Shui. But together they also have the capability of warding off bad forces that try to prevail on a person based on his date of birth and time.

If you happen to live in a house where the orientations of the main door and rooms are not auspicious, and you have no choice, try displaying a tortoise, a dragon or a Lo Shu on a tortoise to bring good luck with more wealth and peace.

A bagua mirror kept outside the house would also ward off negative energies. The mirror is said to reflect back whatever bad vibes or energy coming into a house. It should not be hanged inside the house, as it sends out energies that can be bad for the residents.


The easiest way to purify one's home is by burning incense blocks, camphor or candles. Rock Salt kept in a big bowl with little water is very effective in absorbing any negative energy in the house.

Singing bowls or Tibetan bells when rung in the morning give out a positive sound wave that dissolves any negative energy in the home thus making the ambience of a house more positive, peaceful and creating harmony amongst the individuals of the home. If there is peace and harmony amongst the family members then that family will prosper and move towards success. The writer is a Tarot card reader and a Feng Shui exponent based in Mumbai.

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