AV College rule the rings in OU tourney

AV College rule the rings in OU tourney

AV College, Domalaguda, emerged as the overall team champions in the Osmania University Intercollege Boxing Championship for Men 201819 at Lal Bahadur Stadium

Hyderabad: AV College, Domalaguda, emerged as the overall team champions in the Osmania University Inter-college Boxing Championship for Men 2018-19 at Lal Bahadur Stadium.

Anwar ul Uloom College, Mallepally and Siddartha Degree College finished second and third respectively.

Results: Light Fly 46-49Kgs: 1. Md Rayees (Deccan College), 2. P Raju (Jahnavi Degree College), 3. Md Roshan (Rainbow Degree College) and M Srinivas Naik (Vikas Degree College);

Fly Weight 49-52Kgs: 1. D Anil (AV College), 2. P Upender (Bashwespara College), 3. T Jeevan (Pulla Reddy Degree College) and Hasjeeth (New Science College);

Bantam 52-56Kgs: 1. K Raju (Siddartha College), 2. P Mahender (Siddartha College of Physical Education); 3. Habeeb ul Rahaman (St Pouts Degree College) and Altab Ahamed (Anwar ul Uloom College); Light Weight 56-60Kgs: 1. Md Muddasri Ahded (Dharmavanth College), 2. P Suresh (St Xavier College), 3. M Rohuth (Wesley Degree College) and G Neeraj Kumra (AV College);

Light Welter 60-64Kgs: 1. R Pruthviraj (Queens Mary’s College), 2. B Shravan (AV College), 3. Uday Kishor Yadav (Aurora Degree College) and Khagi Mohmod Sahaduddin (MJ Engineering College);

Welter Weight 64-69Kgs: 1. G Kailash Rao (AV College), 2. K Akshay (St Joseph’s Degree College), 3. T Ajay (HR Degree College) and N Abhishith (MVSR Engineering College);

Middle Weight 69-75Kgs: 1. G Anirudh (Siddartha College), 2. M Devanandam (Keshav Memorial Degree College), 3. Srikanth (St Mary’s Degree College) and Md Zakiuddin (Anwar ul Uloom College);

Light Heavy 75- 81Kgs: 1. M Sai Kalyan Goud (AV College), 2. T Vishal Chandra (GDC Seethapalmandi), 3. R Varun Reddy (St Joseph’s Degree College) and A Deepak Sai (CBIT);

Heavy Weight 81- 91Kgs: 1. D Akash Reddy (Sai Sudheer Degree College), 2. Mujaheeth Khan (Anwar ul Uloom College), 3. K Sunny (Dr BR Ambedkar Degree College) and Md Awaz Khan (Rainbow Degree College); Super Heavy 91+Kgs: 1. Mohd Moshin (Anwar ul Uloom College), 2. V Manvith Reddy (MVSR Engineering College), 3. B Sai Kumar (SVG Degree College) and M Bhagirath Reddy (Hindi MV Degree College).

Overall championship placing: 1. AV College, Domalaguda; 2. Anwar ul Uloom College, Mallepally; 3. Siddartha Degree College.

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