Digital is evolving, traditional is seasoned

Digital is evolving, traditional is seasoned

We talked about the phenomenal growth of digital advertising in the previous column and saw its potential in reaching out to people - faster and...

Traditional advertising is working really effectively and is still growing. However, the factor that has most affected it is the capital associated with it

We talked about the phenomenal growth of digital advertising in the previous column and saw its potential in reaching out to people - faster and better. But does that mean that digital advertising or the new age advertising will overshadow traditional forms of advertising? Certainly not!

Those who are tensed that the traditional media is fading away should look at the number of news channels and newspapers coming up every day; they are performing healthy and that’s clear evidence that traditional advertising is very much alive.

While some firms may argue their absence on traditional media, citing its ineffectiveness and vague targeting, big firms always ensure that they have enough advertising spends on the traditional media like newspapers, TVCs, Uni pole ads, et al. Speaking of targeting, the biggest loophole of digital advertising, especially in India, is the accessibility.

As less as 20 per cent Indians have access to the internet; so, if one is advertising to just 20 per cent of the audience and further targeting it,what is the actual reach it is getting? On the other hand, traditional media like newspapers, radio, TV, are like lifelines to people – hence there is more reach.

No doubt that adverts should be targeted, but the reach cannot be compromised, while spending so much on ads. Having said that, even the speed of internet is a matter of concern in countries like India, with an average internet speed of 2mbps. Even if one is advertising, there are high chances that the user may not be able to view it, because of low internet speed.

Now, notice the number of filters - 20 per cent population, people with a decent internet speed, and then target audience; it just narrows down. Still think digital marketing will replace traditional marketing? Let me give you another example:

If digital marketing is so effective and great, why do major e-commerce websites like,, and still spend lumps on TV commercials and full page ads on major newspapers? The reason is simple - digital media is still evolving and traditional media is seasoned.

Coming to the cost incurred in having ads on traditional media; well, it indicates how big a brand is and how much it can spend, just to make a mark. A classic example of this is iPhone 6’s campaign - ‘Shot on iPhone 6,’ where Apple spend millions of dollars to have life-size hoardings of pictures shot on an iPhone 6.

It was the offline campaign that dragged people to the digital one. That is the power of traditional media. Coca-Cola recently came up with a drinkable billboard and Carlsberg came up with a similar thing. You cannot have such an engagement on the digital medium. The bottom line is that digital marketing sure has a huge potential and is effective, but can never overshadow traditional marketing.

By:Tushar Kalawatia

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