For that arty touch

For that arty touch

One can have a wonderful art and artefact collection, but if it is not displayed well, the effect is entirely lost and it cannot look good...

One can have a wonderful art and artefact collection, but if it is not displayed well, the effect is entirely lost and it cannot look good aesthetically. Display of art should be an eclectic mix. Too much of the same kind of objects or art on display can be boring.

Mix and match
Display assorted prints, photographs, and picture frames with matching white mats and painted frames. Begin experimenting with the arrangement by starting in the middle of the wall.

Think out of the box
Expand your art selection to include quirky items which look unique. Antique pieces, uniquely shaped bottles, porcelain pieces and wicker baskets are just a few things that can hang on walls to reflect your personality. In the kitchen, copper and brass old utensils can be hung from the walls to very good effect.

Coloured walls
Contrasting art with a wall colour is a trick used by most interior decorators to show off your treasured objects. Crimson coloured walls can frame photos, pictures or prints effectively.

A symmetrical arrangement is created by mirror images. You can hang two paintings on each side of a centrepiece. An ornate mirror makes the paintings on each side stand out.

In a line
Photos can be displayed in neat rows over a table or a couple of sofas or carved wooden chairs.

Having shelves is a sensible way to organise photo frames. You can frame black-and-white photos for a vintage look in a modern room. You can place prints, framed postcards, and a lot of diverse but interesting objects on art shelves. Upright frames, overlapping ones, both vertical and horizontal frames can help you avoid blank spaces.

Narrow spaces
On a narrow wall, you can hang many pictures or even only one tall frame. You can vertically arrange a number of smaller items, such as lithographs.

Any arrangement over a staircase has a big impact on the stairwell area. Though you might be tempted to ignore the small patch of the wall below the staircase, correctly sized artwork can be a great addition. A good rule of thumb is to hang art that is the correct size for the available wall area.

Odd numbers work well
The rule of odd numbers can be applied for a spectacular effect. It seems that odd numbers of objects are more striking to look at. You can arrange odd numbers of objects symmetrically for an orderly display, or go for a more creative and casual look asymmetrically. Hanging objects in odd numbers is also a good technique to use when hanging very different items such as wall plates, platters and other items.

Large spaces
One should not cram up the room. But one should not leave large areas bare. Just fill in with accessories like interesting vases, flowerpots, or plants on the floor and shelves. One should make sure that the objects are not hung crookedly or even too high where they cannot be seen well and appreciated. Dark corners should not contain your favourite pieces.

In this generation of minimalists, care should be taken also not to leave walls stark and bare. Even hanging a very small painting on a large wall is a mistake.

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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