The life saviour

The life saviour

In the summer months due to excessive heat you sweat a lot even if you are just sitting around. Having only water is not enough as we are losing salt...

In the summer months due to excessive heat you sweat a lot even if you are just sitting around. Having only water is not enough as we are losing salt too and we need to replenish this by adding more salt in our diet as this is often overlooked and causes symptoms similar to heat exhaustion.

Organic salt is vital for survival of human life and it is absolutely needed to restore, elevate, cure and treat various infections. It is not only water that can prevent dehydration but salt is needed too. When you are lack salt in your body; the symptoms can range from mild to severe and include nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation and extreme effects like coma if salt levels are not replenished.

Natural salts are essential to regulate water retention in the body, to maintain electrolytes, pH balance, aiding working of cells and nerve coordination. When its levels fall, it affects the entire body’s health.

When I mention salt I mean natural organic sea or rock salt. They contain 84 natural elements unlike the commonly used table salt. In summer months these salts are naturally cooling and anti-acidic as they prevent the cells especially in the brain from turning acidic. Salts are effective in stabilising irregular heartbeats and they are indispensable for the regulation of blood pressure in conjunction with water.

In summer one does not realise that one loses a lot of salt due to excess sweating causing dehydration. Salt is essential to maintain the pH balance of the body, so when its level falls, it affects the entire body.

Organic rock salt: Known as kala namak, upvas namak, sindha namak. It has been used since centuries in India till the commercial table salt took over. It is known to have a cooling, anti-bilious, anti-phlegmatic, carminative, anti-acidic and digestive benefit on the human body. A robust pairing in summer with my chaats, curd, buttermilk, lemon juice, vegetable juice and mixed in fruits it is delicious.

Organic sea salt: This salt is produced naturally from the evaporation of sea water. Its production is dated to prehistoric times. It prevents sunstroke and balances body fluids, is a nutrient enhancer and has multiple trace minerals in it thus preventing any electrolyte imbalance. In the summer months I add it to salads and tangy chaat and pickles. The salt used in my dhals at home is always sea salt.

Table salt: Table salt most often called as just “salt” or “cooking salt”. This is the common salt normally found on every table. It is a fine-ground, highly refined rock salt with some additives to keep it free-flowing. Smaller particles mean more particles per measure and more surface area than coarser grinds.

This is normally highly refined salt as most of the nutrients found in natural salts are lost due to processing. Table salt is highly processed, heated at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of temperatures kills all nutrients.

This processed salt is a stress food as it simulates the sympathetic nervous system plus it causes water retention and can raise blood pressure, bloat, swelling on feet and increase in weight. The lack of nutrients present in natural salts results in bronchial and lung problems as natural salts are required for the elimination of carbon dioxide from the body.

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