I’m proud of my character: Lucas Black

I’m proud of my character: Lucas Black

American actor Lucas Black is known for his roles is movies like The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, Get Low, Legion, and Seven Days in Utopia 2011...

American actor Lucas Black is known for his roles is movies like ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’, ‘Get Low’, ‘Legion’, and ‘Seven Days in Utopia’ (2011). He has played Special Agent Christopher LaSalle on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’, which airs on AXN. In a candid interview he speaks about the show, his character LaSalle and favourite moments in the series.


How would you describe the development of LaSalle in the series?
I think there's been a huge level of maturity and growth in his character. You know, understanding who he is and where he belongs here on this team, especially after the first season – he kind of went off the deep end there after his, I guess, soon-to-be wife was killed in the first season, and there were a lot of things he was involved in, sexual immorality, trying to find his – just grieving and really just doing some bad things. And Pride kind of stepped up and said something and made him accountable for what he was doing in his life.

So, there was definitely some growth in that area where he chose not to be involved in that anymore, and hopefully to live pure from here on out. So, I'm pretty proud of that in my character, and Season 4 has been going well. He has had to deal with his dad passing away, and they didn’t have best of relationships, but it seems like he's handling it the best he can and taking responsibility for his life, and his family, and the family business.

What do we find out about LaSalle’s relationship with his father this season?
It's kind of like his biological father, his dad, was trying to choose his own path. He built this family business and I think it was in the oil business. And so, he wanted to – LaSalle’s dad wanted to pass that on. But LaSalle decided that it wasn’t for him, and it's not what he wanted, and it didn’t fulfill him in his life in what he wanted to do. And I think there was probably some troubled times there for LaSalle as a youngster.

How would you describe the role Pride has played in LaSalle’s life?
He was kind of that father-mentor I guess that LaSalle wished he had in his real father. So, he looked to Pride for answers and kind of grew up watching how he navigated life and took some of that as a part of him, and then worked with him at NCIS, and their relationship just grew from there.

What are your three favourite Lasalle moments in Season 3?
My top three Lasalle moments have been: the maturity level after the baby mama drama of Lasalle. Hopefully he comes out of that being a stronger man. And then number two was I got to show off my drifting skills. In one of the episodes we had a little race episode and that was fun. I got to burn rubber in the Ford F-150. And then I think, upcoming, I get to ride an ATV, too. So, I get to show off those skills. And then being able to have some fun with Sebastian, now out in the field and, you know, enjoying some comedic scenes with him. That's been my favourite three moments.

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