Good time to have a colourful home garden

Good time to have a colourful home garden

Gardening is an allseason affair You can enjoy the pleasure of a colourful garden all year round Home gardening is a popular practice among...

Gardening is an all-season affair. You can enjoy the pleasure of a colourful garden all year round. Home gardening is a popular practice among enthusiasts. From growing vegetables to flowers, we derive great pleasure from home gardening as it requires very little place. All you have to do is to bring in seasonal plants to match the season and voila! You have a beautiful garden which will be the reason for your neighbors’ envy.

Spring is the season of new life. It is the time to rejoice and celebrate the fresh arrival of flora. This is the time when your existing plants go through a rigorous pruning exercise. Take for example; the jasmine creeper goes through extensive pruning so that it is ready for new shoots to sprout during the April showers. Hibiscus flower plants can also be pruned and trained, and the cuttings can be used to grow new plants.

Flowering plants like Chrysanthemums, Bougainvillea, Lantana, Cyclamen, and Hyacinth can be planted during spring season.

The scorching heat of summer is actually a blessing in disguise to most of the flowering plants. The heat encourages the flowers to bloom and be at their best. The only tending you need to do is provide adequate water to the plants.
Interestingly, if you withhold water for the Bougainvillea plants, the stress causes the plant to bloom aggressively. Many flowers thrive in this season; Marigolds, Sunflower, Roses, Lotus, Lilies, Zinnia, and Euphorbia to name a few.

During this season, you need to protect the plants from getting waterlogged. Also, you should ensure that the soil used is porous enough to prevent the pot from becoming a mini lake. Monsoon is the season when the plants are more prone to diseases since they do not get enough time to dry out.

To counter this problem, keep organic pesticides handy and use them as a preventive measure for all plants. Take advantage of the rains to give all your plants including the indoor plants a good shower, thanks to the rains.

Many flowers that wilt due to excessive heat become vibrant during winter. Plants like African Violets, Canna, Pansies, Viola, and Gardenia show off their blooms during this season. Shift the plants to areas where they can get the maximum heat and watch them thrive in the winter heat.

Choosing the right plant for the season is only half the job done. Your home garden will only look beautiful if you pick the perfect pots. Fancy ceramic pots of various sizes and shapes will add an aesthetic edge to your home garden. If you get well-designed, good-quality pots for your garden, it will reflect your personal taste as well.

Home gardening is not a mere hobby; it’s an integral part of the growing wellness culture across the world. If you want your home garden to stand out from the crowd, you should invest in the designer, terracotta and ceramic pots which are easy to maintain and made of superior quality materials which will not only last for years but also enhance the grandeur of your house.

Myna Batavia, founder of Green Carpet.

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