A shout out to road trip

A shout out to road trip

Given the vast geographical variety, roads in India offer some of the best road trip experience to connect with nature and the local culture

Given the vast geographical variety, roads in India offer some of the best road trip experience to connect with nature and the local culture…

Vishakapatnam to Araku
Andhra’s own little treasure, the coastal town of Vizag is your gateway to a lesser known hill station, Araku. The drive is short, the road is decently laid out and the route cuts through the green canyons of the Eastern Ghats. You constantly get a wee look at coffee plantations along the way, along with interesting pitstops as the Araku area is known for its tribal inhabitants.

Delhi to Leh
“Get Leh’d” is an anecdote popularly used for suggesting the trip to Leh and rightfully so. The thrill the road gives is of a different level, say every travel who has been on the route. The whole trip is ideally to be taken on a relaxed itinerary to best savour the culture and the landscape. The distance spans about 1000-1500 km depending on the detours you take, but every mile of the grueling landscape is worthwhile, best savored with a motorcycle!

Valparai to Chalakudy
If you happen to be anywhere near Munnar, it is highly advisable to extend the trip by adding a road trip into Kerala by taking the Valparai to Chalakudy route. Dense forests and the occasional tea estates fill your craving for scenic drives along with a handful of waterfalls. Since the majority of the road is castled between the Western Ghats, viewpoints offer spectacular sights of the majestic mountains.

Chennai to Pondicherry
If ever in Chennai, visiting ‘Pondy’ for a day or two is recommended, for the city is a laid-back former French colony, just the kind needed to let loose and unwind. The ‘East Coast Road’ is preferred over the two other roads that lead here, for views it offers of the glistening sea. The road is just 155 km and makes up for a 4-hour drive along with pit stops.

Mumbai to Goa
If you’re ever in Mumbai and are heading to Goa, include the drive into the plan itself and you won't regret it. The route makes way between a few ghat sections, scenic stretches lined with paddy fields and plantations and it may take up to 11 hours approx. Don’t worry because the route is so good, the time whizzes by and when you see the golden beaches of Goa in the end!

Guwahati to Tawang
Northeast India is still a hidden gem where mainstream tourism hasn’t made its way. The situation has been the chicken soup for travellers seeking offbeat travels in nature’s solitude. The type of roads between are plenty and are of varying quality. Entering the area requires an ‘Inner Line Permit’, a document securing entry to the region is a must have for the route. Like the route itself, the two ends, Guwahati, and Tawang are definitely worth for a few nights’ stays.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer
If you ever find yourself touring in Rajasthan, be sure to add the drive/ride of the Jaipur to Jaisalmer to your list. The route will keep your cameras busy as the vivid colours of Rajasthan flashes by the second. You’d want to start early in the day because the cities are a 9-hour drive away and things offered along the road aren’t worthy of a miss.

Courtesy: Travelyaari

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