There is so much gola

There is so much gola

Pelli Gola, which has completed two seasons successfully is now all set to come up with season 3 The web series has garnered accolades for its...

‘Pelli Gola’, which has completed two seasons successfully is now all set to come up with season 3. The web series has garnered accolades for its portrayal of the drama of wedding with a dash of comedy.

With web becoming a major platform for entertainment, the budgets and the committment too is getting larger. Making rounds at the sets of ‘Pelli Gola’ season 3 we get you the glimpses of what happens behind the scenes.

The set of the web series, like its name, had very much ‘Gola’ (hullabaloo). The cast was ready to give their best performance and the crew were running here and there to get that perfect shot. On the sets, we met Lanka Santoshi, the set and costume designer of the show, who was intently watching the proceedings.

“I have been working with ‘Pelli Gola’ for two years and looking at the first two seasons I can say that the characters in the series have become more mature, and I have designed the costumes accordingly. The girl in this season is trying to get into the Kabbadi team and the boy is trying to run a hospital on his own. The characters sketch has grown older in this season. Now we are making the lead look sleeker and the girl, who in the series hails from Amlapuram, will be seen wearing modern outfits. This season is filmed completely in Hyderabad and a little chunk is shot in Rayalaseema, so the kind of architecture for the sets we chose is a little more native.”

The captain of the ship Pradeep Maddali, who was leaving no stone unturned to get everything right, exclaims, “Pelli Gola lo enta gola untundo anta gola ma sets lo kanipistundi (Like how any wedding proceedings have the brouhaha, our set also has the same commotion). The director informed that season 1 and 2 were very well appreciated, so there is a lot more expectations from the season 3.

“We are doing everything to meet the expectations and, in this season, we have also filmed in Rayalaseema, so the audience will get a chance to witness the culture of Rayalaseema,” Pradeep said. The young cast and crew of the series were seen having fun on the sets. Speaking about the off-screen ‘masti’, the lead Abijeet Duddala, says, “Jaggu, Katie and I are basically a fun crew. We are constantly making fun of each other. There is always a prank that is happening. This shoot is a full-time job of its own.”

Every season comes up with new characters, which add an essence to the story. This season the audience will find another pair who would get married and it is Goldie Nissy and Harsha Narra playing the role of Sashmitha and Madhur. Regarding their work on and off the screen they say, “We all are of the same age group and we get along easily. Even if our work is done for the day we sit in front of the monitor and bug each other, it’s a nice atmosphere to work in. When we are acting, we actually do not feel that we are acting, and we think that the title makes sense for what we are on and off the screen.”

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