Bollywood inspires a lot of dreams, instils a whirlwind of emotions and leaves you grooving to its quirky tracks. Well, no wonder the nation, as well as the world, lives, breathes and worships the famous personalities that belong to this fraternity. The number of Bollywood fanatics across the world is probably more than North America’s population and cricketer KL Rahul’s parents probably top that list.

In the episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’, KL Rahul will be seen reminding Karan of the time when he first met the Bollywood director at Sonam Kapoor’s party. It starts with when the quintessential talk show host asks Rahul whether to refer to him as Rahul or KL to which he then decides to call him Rahul because it’s KJo’s janam-patri name! Right then, Rahul responds rather quickly that Rahul met KJo for the first time at a Diwali party, at Sonam Kapoor’s house where Karan failed to recognise him, while the two were waiting to enter the gent’s washroom. 

He continues that an inebriated Karan asked him what his name was to which KL responded, “Rahul”. It’s not unlike Karan to continue prodding and he did exactly that. He went on to ask him what he did since he didn’t recognise the cricketer and after some banter, Karan told him how Rahul was really famous in his movies and in Bollywood. But Rahul didn’t just listen, he revealed to KJo there and then of how his name came to be. He shared that his name was kept Rahul because KL’s mother was a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan!

To this, Karan even more strongly decided to call him Rahul and the rest was history! Not only does the episode mark the first-ever presence of sportsmen on the show, but Karan, KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya will also be seen creating a laugh riot!

Watch the first ever sports stars to grace the Koffee couch today at 9 pm on Star World!

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