Is it okay to pass gas regularly?

Is it okay to pass gas regularly?

Flatulence commonly known as farting, passing wind or having gas, is a medical term of releasing gas from the digestive system through the anus Its a...

Flatulence – commonly known as farting, passing wind or having gas, is a medical term of releasing gas from the digestive system through the anus. It's a normal process as gas collects in our digestive system either because we swallowed air while eating or drinking, or due to the digestive gases produced by the gut bacteria during the digestion process.

Although it's normal to pass gas, if it’s 15 or more times in a day, then it indicates that something isn't quite right. So, what makes us pass more wind and what should we do about it?

High fibre foods
If you suddenly increase the amount of high-fibre foods in your diet, you start passing gas as the body isn't used to the intake. But your body will get used to it and will stop in time. So, initially, its recommended that you have smaller portions of fruits and vegetables until your body gets used to the increased fibre content.

Mixing certain foods
Adding nuts to your green smoothies or fruit smoothies can cause gas. Also mixing grains can cause gas. It is, therefore, best to have only one grain (rice or bread) at a time. Mixing fruits and vegetables cause gas because fruits digest easily and if combined with other foods that digest slower, they ferment and cause gas. Therefore, combining proper foods is imperative.

This is a sugar that passes undigested into the colon and thus needs a lot of breaking down. Fruit juice, fizzy drinks, yoghurt, breads and cereals are some examples that are high in fructose.

Cow's milk is designed especially for her calf. Our body doesn't produce enough lactase to digest the lactose in dairy products, causing bloating and gas. Switch to dairy alternatives instead.

Not all people can handle gluten well and most people feel better after cutting it out of their diet. This includes foods such as bread, pasta, wheat.

Certain medication can cause smelly flatulence. Opt for a whole plant-based diet to either avoid or stop taking medicines altogether!

The build-up of stool in your colon causes foul smelling and sometimes painful gas. The main cause of constipation is lack of fibre. A whole plant-based diet is full of fibre and definitely the best cure for constipation.

Digestive tract infections
Dysentery and diarrhoea are two of the most common digestive tract infections. Apart from a higher volume of gas, people with these infections also have abdominal pain and frequent motions.

After antibiotics
Antibiotics destroy the natural gut flora. Without our healthy microbiome, indigestion and gas formation is not uncommon.

Bacteria in our intestines when left alone usually end up in ideal populations and combinations. We don't need to tamper with this. The idea of flooding our intestines with a whole new population of bacteria through probiotics is illogical because bacteria multiply according to the need. Probiotics can be useful in small doses after a dose of antibiotics but should not be taken on a regular basis. This does not include natural probiotics like fermented foods that can be beneficial.

When stressed, people engage in habits such as eating sweets, smoking, chewing gum or drinking alcohol. All of these compulsions cause excessive farting.

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