A revelry called salary day!

A revelry called salary day!

The story of an average salaried man is simpleDay 1 of every month, he waits for the click of the message arriving in his inbox That sound which is...

The story of an average salaried man is simple...Day 1 of every month, he waits for the click of the message arriving in his inbox. That sound which is the most musical in its melody for it is loaded with the salary, a sound that promises solutions to every problem in the world...Well, the promise doesn't necessarily mean it will be kept and we shall come to that later.

That one message, which is like a swig of water to a parched throat will be keeping you high for at least the next few days. That vain feeling of being at the top of the world knowing well that it's short-lived. And in that moment of temporary happiness, you indulge, party, shop, life like there is no tomorrow. Well, there's truly no tomorrow like this one.

Tomorrow is indeed another day when reality starts to sink in. When it's actually the time to pay your bills, those bills that you have been tucking away from your own straying eyes in a bid to not think of them through the month. Who wants to be reminded constantly of our sins?
After you have soaked yourself in the revelry called salary day comes the not so pleasant day when you have to pay up for your vanities...besides the essentials are the credit card bill, the telephone bill with additional internet to allow you to play all those games and download those tons of pictures and forwards you receive...and not to forget the loads of entertainment portals you pay up to. And what you are left with is hardly enough to buy those long-cherished shoes and take you through the month peppered with its surprise expenses, those forgotten birthdays and those weddings that come in threes you need to attend.

Where is the money going, we ask ourselves!
Did you know that in macroeconomics both money and debt are important to drive it! Your debt drives your income. At which rate by being in constant debt are we actually driving the economy at our own micro level. Maybe...but still even at macro level debt must not grow faster than income. And coming back to the salaried employee and his microeconomics, he gets fixed income hence has to have a fixed amount of debt.

Hence proved with a disclaimer that the writer has absolutely no professional expertise of economics; it is absolutely ok to take a loan but has to be in limitation in the face of fixed salary.

Now the difficult part. How does one spend in moderation? What with the whole world of shopping right at your fingertips enticing you with the best of deals and the professionally taken pictures of food, clothes, technology enhanced to lure you out of your resolve. Fat chance. No wonder we mostly end up with a fat loan and endlessly caught in the circle of money where all you do is pay the loan and take the loan.

What happened to all those advertisements that promoted small savings; I even remember a pig-shaped kiddy bank coaxing you to save. Now all you see is the advertisements on how-to-spend-money and then more money and if you have extra you invest it in things that are subject to market risk.

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