Apple feathers new patent in its cap

Apple feathers new patent in its cap

Apple Feathers New Patent In Its Cap. Apple Patents Lytro-Style Refocusable Camera

Washington: Apple had been reportedly granted patent for Lytro-style refocusable cameras that would allow the tech giant to develop a device that can capture images and let users to refocus it afterwards.

Apple Feathers New Patent In Its Cap
Apple had filed a patent in 2011.It describes a camera that can capture low-resolution images for later refocusing and the standard high-resolution images.
According to the Verge, for just images, the camera would include an adaptor with a 'microlens array' that would slide between the camera's lens and sensor when capturing a refocusable image, and slide away when capturing a traditional photo.
The report said that the patent mentions that such a camera could be included on a mobile device but there has not been any official indication from the company about actualizing the concept.
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